Architecting Active/Active Data Centers

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Architecting Active/Active Data CentersDelivering apps with non-stop availability, higher capacity, faster performance

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#Whats the Value of $163,000?A 4-bedroom home in Merrillvile, Indiana

A new server for the data center

A few months of rent on a building lease

One hour of downtime

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#Standard DR has been the NormPROSBudget friendlyTechnically easier

CONSAllows downtime, costing money and goodwillRestore time is unwieldy

Architecture = Active/Standby

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#Continuous Availability is Todays DemandPROSMore capacity Better performanceSmarter load balancing

CONSExpensive (perceived)Technically complex

Architecture = Active/Active

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#The Complexity of the Active/Active ArchitectureBuilding mechanisms for active/active: Complicates apps (must receive calls from devices and APIs)Complicated geography (2+ regions ramps up difficulty)Complications at the data tierNeeds scaled out databases (e.g., Modern SQL, MySQL clusters)Inroduces challenges with failover, esp. across regions

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#Solving the Complexity of Active/Active ArchitectureThe Value of an Abstraction LayerBy using database load balancing software, you separate apps from the database, removing the 1:1 relationship weak spot

Database load balancing softwareThe abstraction layer will: Isolate apps from database changesDistribute load based on server responseEnable zero-downtime maintenance

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#What to Look for in Database Load Balancing SoftwareAutomatic read/write split, to support scale out with no app code changesApp-transparent failover within or between data centersFaster, more efficient responses to queries with geo-aware load balancingReplication-aware serving of dataOn-prem or cloud deployment to support flexibility

2016 ScaleArc. All Rights Reserved.#ScaleArc Database Load Balancing Software in Action Reduced operations costActive/standby operations cost 2.5 - 3 times more than a single data center.Active/active operations cost only 1.25 - 1.8 times more than a single data center. Reduced capital costsLess equipment Resources are more efficient in the active/active model allowing organizations to save moneyImproved system reliability

Site ASite B

Web load balancerWeb load balancer

Application servers

Application serversreplication

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