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"Experiences from 10 years of testing - A couple of interesting cases" with Anna Hoff

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View webinar: Over the years of working as a consultant I have had the pleasure of working in many organizations, projects and teams, each with their own challenges and rewards. During my presentation I will share some of my best and worst moments. How to save the situation and how to make it worse. Biography Anna Hoff has worked as a consultant within the software testing business for more than ten years. She has a history of working with SAST within the Öresund region and received standing ovations for her session "The Supertester" at EuroSTAR 2009 and 2010.

Text of "Experiences from 10 years of testing - A couple of interesting cases" with Anna Hoff

  • Welcome to the 2013 This webinar is due to start at 11:15AM. Make sure you stick around at the end for the Q&A session and continue the conversation with the speaker on Twitter after the show! @esconfs #esconfs @speakerhandle This webinar is presented by Anna Hoff and she will discuss: Experiences from 10 years of Testing a couple of interesting cases Join the conversation on Twitter!
  • Anna Hoff @esconfs #esconfs Vckelsng Stockholm MALM
  • @esconfs #esconfs
  • @esconfs #esconfs
  • 2002 @esconfs #esconfs
  • @esconfs #esconfs
  • @esconfs #esconfs Me!
  • The successful scrum team Sprint roadmap All tasks on board! Team location All for one and one for all! @esconfs #esconfs
  • The messup! Meeting junkie! I am less important I am the norm Full speed ahead! Ill manage @esconfs #esconfs
  • The messup! Listen to the team! Work WITH the team! Trust the team! Acknowledge the situation! @esconfs #esconfs
  • The messup! Know your purpose Demand attention Know the purpose Know the goal and vision Know your team ASK FOR HELP! @esconfs #esconfs
  • The importance of timing Successful implementation Not so successful implementation Instant implementation Unimplementation @esconfs #esconfs
  • The importance of timing Keep an open mind Its ok to throw stuff away Timing Authority How change is perceived Dont use the force! Go for it! Value, value, value! @esconfs #esconfs
  • Conclusion Full scale scrum Be a team for real You messing things up is not the end of the world! Do your best and learn from your mistakes Get help Implement change with care Have faith and make that jump! Dont forget to have fun! @esconfs #esconfs
  • Anna Hoff [email protected] @esconfs #esconfs
  • Thanks for listening! Please type your questions for the speaker into the box provided. @esconfs #esconfs Go to for more information