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  • Envision Visual Cooking

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    Meeting your needs - worldwideHOUN is the leading Scandinavian manufacturer of combi ovens and bake-

    off ovens. Our broad range of ovens is sold worldwide through an extensive

    network of well-respected business partners.

    As part of the American group Middleby Corporation, which is one of the

    global leaders within the commercial cooking equipment industry, HOUN

    has sister companies in 17 countries in addition to a subsidiary in Sweden.

    Know-how, product quality and innovation combined with our highly quali-

    fi ed staff and business partners make HOUN your fi rst-class alternative to

    mass-producing oven manufacturers.

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    Envision Visual CookingEnvision a combi oven that merges design with functionality. A Scandinavian

    top-of-the-range oven that places utmost priority on quality, fl exibility and

    reliability. A highly productive combi oven that ensures culinary excellence

    and easy operation. Matched exactly to your kitchen and your needs. Envision

    Visual Cooking by HOUN.

    Your combi oven specialistHOUN has more than 30 years of experience in successfully providing

    oven solutions to demanding customers all over the world. We specialise in

    manufacturing high-quality ovens, paying particular attention to design and

    functionality. The result is Visual Cooking. Based on your need for effi cient

    and safe preparation of all kinds of food, our goal is to manufacture the most

    fl exible ovens that provide optimum results and high reliability, year after year.

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    Visionary design and functionalityThe elegant and functional design of Visual Cooking is based on the well-

    known Scandinavian design traditions which combine user-friendliness with

    great attention to smart details. For instance, the curved front panel of our

    ovens adds contrast to the front and eases the programming of the oven.

    With a host of features and functions, Visual Cooking is designed to give you

    optimum results in terms of taste and nutrition as well as time and energy

    consumption. In other words, you achieve culinary excellence with minimum

    effort in a Visual Cooking oven.

    Superior quality inside outVisual Cooking is made exclusively of quality materials to ensure long life

    and low energy consumption. From the smooth stainless steel surfaces to the

    long-lasting components inside the oven.

    All Visual Cooking ovens are made at our production facilities in Randers,

    Denmark. Based on the proud traditions of Danish craftsmanship, we manu-

    facture the great majority of the components ourselves. Before leaving our

    production facilities, each individual oven is tested thoroughly. This assures

    superior quality and makes Visual Cooking the reliable choice that serves you

    year after year.

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    Recent tests from the independent Technological Institute of Denmark scien-

    tifi cally document that Visual Cooking uses up to 44% less kWh than com-

    parable ovens from leading competitors. This way, you save energy as well as

    money every single day. In addition, tests showed that Visual Cooking has the

    lowest temperature fl uctuation at only 4.4C. As a result, Visual

    Cooking ensures the greatest accuracy during preparation.

    Wide range of ovens At HOUN, we take great pride in developing oven solutions that give you

    freedom of choice. Visual Cooking offers the widest range of ovens in the

    industry, and as a result we are always ready to present an oven solution with-

    out you having to compromise.

    In our wide range of combi ovens and bake-off ovens, you have the choice of

    more than 50 different ovens. Add to this, a vast selection of accessories for

    you to create your very own customised solution. Choose oven model, oven

    size and equipment according to your kitchen. The choice is yours.

    Return on investmentVisual Cooking is a long-term investment. The choice of quality materials and

    our continuous product development are your assurance of a reliable oven

    that provides optimum results, year after year.

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    Specialised business areas

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    Hotels & RestaurantsVisual Cooking is the choice of chefs worldwide. Hotels, restaurants and cafs

    use Visual Cooking to meet the high expectations of their guests for remark-

    able and delicious food that is ready in no time. The possibility of preparing

    food for one or 2,000 makes Visual Cooking an obvious choice to match your

    need for fl exibility and effi ciency.

    InstitutionsCompanies, schools, hospitals and nursing homes choose Visual Cooking as

    their reliable and economical partner in the kitchen because Visual Cooking

    makes it easy to prepare large quantities of food every day. A Visual Cooking

    oven easily prepares everything from vegetables, potatoes, rice, meat and fi sh

    to bread and desserts.

    ConvenienceHypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores use the high productivity

    of Visual Cooking to their advantage. In the hot deli, Visual Cooking makes it

    easy to prepare delicious convenience food all day: from chickens, spareribs,

    roasts and fi sh to French fries, vegetables and pizzas. No matter what you pre-

    pare, Visual Cooking is easy to operate without extensive training.

    Bake-offSupermarkets, petrol stations, kiosks and sandwich shops increasingly offer

    a vast selection of bread, rolls, pies and pastry. With minimum effort, you

    achieve uniform and delicious results using a Visual Cooking solution. The

    pleasant smell of freshly-baked products attracts customers and increases your


    MarineVisual Cooking prepares meals by the hundred onboard cruisers, ferries,

    freighters and naval ships worldwide. The solid construction and simple ope-

    ration make Visual Cooking a safe choice for preparing food on board. The

    Visual Cooking range includes a special marine solution that caters for the

    special needs at sea.

    Specialised business areas

  • Specialised product lines


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    Freedom of choice The range of Visual Cooking ovens consists of 3 main lines of ovens. Choose

    the line that matches your kitchen. Each line, furthermore, comprises a

    standard model and a top model. Choose oven model according to your need

    for features and functions. Each oven model is available in 9 sizes to suit your

    capacity requirement. Which oven do you choose?

    Combi ovens C lineThe Visual Cooking C line consists of universal combi ovens that are suitable

    for steaming, roasting and baking almost any kind of food. Use Visual Cook-

    ing C line for preparing roasts, chickens, vegetables, fi sh, bread, pastry, etc.

    Combi ovens K line In addition to the functions of the C line ovens, the powerful steam generator

    of the K line ovens satisfi es even the highest demand for steaming - fast and

    effi cient. Choose the K line to steam potatoes, root crops, fi sh, eggs, etc.

    Bake-off ovens B lineWith a Visual Cooking oven from our B line, it is easy to achieve perfect

    baking results with minimum effort. Our bake-off ovens may be used for tra-

    ditional baking as well as bake-off. Use B line ovens to bake bread, rolls and

    all kinds of pastry.

    3 lines of ovens

    9 oven sizes

    2 levels of equipment

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    Selected references For more than 30 years, HOUN has matched the needs of demanding

    customers all over the world. Our broad range of ovens has created optimum

    results in terms of delicious food and increased turnover for a vast number of


    One of the ingredients of our success is without doubt that we focus on

    creating long-lasting relationships with our business partners and customers

    according to the motto: your success is our success.

    As a result of HOUNs business conduct, major chains worldwide choose

    HOUN over and over again as their preferred combi oven partner.

    Worldwide users of Visual CookingHotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, staff canteens, supermarkets, petrol

    stations and naval ships worldwide have already made HOUN their fi rst

    choice when it comes to providing the most fl exible combi and bake-off ovens.

  • CombiSlim


  • Quality ovens for every needHOUN has been developing and manufacturing high-quality combi ovens for over 30 years. Ovens in which design, functionality and flexibility have absolute priority. Ovens which every day efficiently prepare tasty food and provide you with a wide variety of applications.

    CombiSlim compact qualityHOUNs newly developed CombiSlim oven covers the need for a quality oven to fit where there is insufficient space for a large combi oven. Measuring only 51.5 cm in width, this professional combi oven fits any standard-size kitchen. Apart from its quality, the design means it is a pleasure to use.

    Unique design and functionalityCombiSlim is made exclusively of quality materials. From the smooth, easy-to-clean glass and stainless steel surfaces, to the long-lasting components inside. Your guar