IBM i and Your IT Strategy - Trevor Perry

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  • PARIS, France - Nov 3

  • IBM i and your IT Strategy


  • What is IBM i?

  • IBM i

    Operating System

  • IBM i

    Operating System

    Operating Environment!

  • Operating Environment

    Database and file serving User Interface Security Work Management Virtualization Availability Networking and connectivity Auditing Storage management Application serving

  • IBM i home page

  • IBM i - Built for business

    IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience.

    - Virtualized to support multiple applications and processes with stability and integrity - Optimized for exceptional business resilience and non-disruptive growth on IBM

    Power servers - Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools - Designed for open application design choices with exceptional infrastructure support

    for mobile devices - Thousands of industry application solutions available from Independent Software

    Vendors (ISVs) - Simplified operations and storage management

  • IBM i - Summary

    Integrated operating environment Virtualized Non-disruptive growth Trusted security Open application design Thousands of application solutions Simplified operations Simplified storage management

  • IBM i runs on Power Systems

  • Power Systems

  • Power Systems

    IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications.

    Todays business leaders demand servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing workload requirements.

    Power for your business POWER for large enterprises POWER for midsized businesses POWER for developers Compare Power Systems to x86

  • IBM i, AIX, Linux

  • IBMi25 - June 2013

  • IBMi25 vignettes

  • The invisibility cloak of complexity

  • Integration

    Integration is the essence of IBM i Its what the i stands for Its simple Its reliable Good integration

    - hides complexity - makes products simple to use - makes products highly reliable

  • Shoes that fit every occasion

  • TIMI

    An abstraction layer insulating users & applicationsfrom underlying hardware

    IBM i companies move without disruption

    - Different processor generations

    - Different disk technologies

    Protects investments in business applications

  • Where did I leave my keys?

  • Single Level Storage

    No DBA to define where files, programs are stored

    Memory, hard disks, SSDsall appear in a contiguous address space

    Objects automatically managed with device-independent addressing

    The OS will continuously evolve in support of new technologies

  • May I see your badge, please?

  • Object Orientation

    Objects will behave predictably and within the limits ofa user's authority

    Protect IBM i against malware or other malicious attacks

    Foundation for reputation as one of the most secure IT systemsfor business

  • A great idea is new again

  • Virtualization

    PowerVM supports IBM i virtual machines

    Automatic adjustment for optimal performance

    Live partition mobility to move partitions between systemswithout disruption

    One of the most efficient & scalable SaaS cloud platforms

  • Green is good; BYOD might be even better

  • User Interface

    Developers created millions of successful 5250 applications, providing business value to hundreds of thousands of companies

    Application modernization now enables rendering the presentation layer to whatever device is needed

    With RPG Open Access, developers canwrite RPG applications for those devices without 5250

  • No, its not rebounds per game

  • RPG

    Readily acknowledged as perhaps the most efficientprogramming language ever created for business applications

    Specializes in very efficient transaction processing

    Also COBOL, C/C++, Java, PHP, CL


    Rational Development Tools

    High-performance transaction-processing applications businessesrely on all around the world

  • (some) IBM i Languages










  • Welcome to the family!

  • PASE

    Integrated AIX runtime environment enabling UNIX & Java applications

    IBM i customers benefit from thousands of applications withoutthe burden of managing two OSs

  • Weve really got a lot in common!

  • User Groups

    The longevity of IBM i has been aided by its devoted andpassionate user community.


  • User Groups

  • What is IT Strategy?

  • Strategy

    Where am I?

    How do I get th


    Where am I head


  • Where are you?






  • Where are headed?

    What would your IT look like if you started today?

    How about in 1 year?

    How about in 2 years?

  • How do you get there?








  • Where are you?

  • Where are you headed?

  • How do you get there?


  • Roadmap!

  • Where does IBM i fit?

  • IBM i Strategy white paper

  • IBM i Strategy white paper

    IBM i plays a critical role in our Power Systems software portfolio

    We continuously provide new solutions and are actively engaged in expanding into new technology areas to support the new business requirements of our clients

    Our ongoing commitment to IBM i is reflected by our regular semi-annual delivery of easy-to-deploy IBM i Technology Refreshes

  • IBM has tools!

  • ITG Study

  • TCA & TCO

  • Downtime

  • IBM i Marketplace Survey

  • IBM i Marketplace Survey

  • IBM i Marketplace Survey

    The percentage of business planning to migrate from IBM i

    In the next two years

    Held steady at 4%

  • IBM i has a Roadmap!

  • IBM i has a Support Roadmap!

  • A modern IBM i!

  • IT Directions





    Dev Ops



  • Cloud


    Hybrid cloud

    Powered by Power

    Software vendors will become Cloud providers

    SaaS becoming preferred model

  • 5 cloud computing predictions

    1. Death of the enterprise public cloud

    2. Hybrid cloud and cloud brokerage have their day in the sun

    3. The battle of infrastructure is over,the battle of applications is about to begin

    4. Reengineering enterprise IT

    5. Containers emerge as the future of applications

  • Analytics

    Data, Data, Data

    Collection improves exponentially

    Improved analytic algorithms

    Watson rules the world

    Demand, Demand, Demand

  • Analytics top 5 predictions

    1. Machine learning established in the enterprise

    2. Internet of Things hype hits reality

    3. Big data moves beyond hype to enrich modeling

    4. Cybersecurity improved via analytics

    5. Analytics drives increased industry-academic interaction

  • Mobile

    Anywhere, Any time

    Data collection


    - Apps

    - Data

    Information Analytics

  • Social

    Connecting people

    Outside your organization


    Behavioural analytics

  • Dev Ops

    A clipped compound of development and operations A culture, movement or practice

    that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of: - software developers - other information-technology (IT) professionals

    Automating the process of software delivery & infrastructure changes It aims at establishing a culture and environment

    - building, testing, releasing software - rapidly, frequently, more reliably

  • Dev Ops?

  • OSS

    Its happening!

    IBM i origins in sharing code

    Open Source Software/Solutions


    Operating Systems



  • Security

    The cost to retrofit security is HIGH

    Address it now

    - Physical security

    - Infrastructure security

    - Application security

    - Cultural security

    - Database security

  • Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle

  • Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle

    Trough of Disillusionment/Slope of Enlightenment

    - Cloud

    - Mobile

    - Social

  • Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle

    Peak of Inflated Expectations

    - IoT

    - Blockchain

    - Wearable

    - 3D Printing

  • Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle

    Innovation Trigger

    - Artificial Intelligence

    - New Design andInnovation Approaches

  • A modern IBM i!

  • What is your IT Strategy?

  • IBM i and your IT Strategy


  • PARIS, France - Nov 3th