Powerful and Effective Link Strategies with Advanced Search Commands

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Developing an effective link building strategy is essential and having the right skills to find relevant sites is at the forefront of success. Learn how to use advanced search commands in this SEO webinar.

Text of Powerful and Effective Link Strategies with Advanced Search Commands

  • 1. www.verticalmeasures.comPOWERFUL AND EFFECTIVELINK STRATEGIES WITHADVANCED SEARCHCOMMANDSKaila Strong, Director of Client StrategyBrynna Baldauf, Internet Marketing Specialist

2. www.verticalmeasures.comABOUT KAILA STRONG & BRYNNA BALDAUF@cliquekaila@little_bryDirector of Client StrategyWith VM since 2008Montana nativeObsessed with link buildingInternet Marketing SpecialistWith VM since 2012New York born and raisedGraduated from RIT 3. www.verticalmeasures.com@cliquekaila@little_bryADVANCED SEARCHCOMMANDS MAKE YOU ANEXPERT SEARCHER 4. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT ADVANCED SEARCH COMMANDS ARE@cliquekaila@little_bry Also commonly referred to as search operators Useful when basic queries arent working Help uncover hidden opportunities Gain more control over the results you see 5. www.verticalmeasures.comWHY USE ADVANCED SEARCH COMMANDS?@cliquekaila@little_bry Link Building Competitive Analysis Keyword Research SEO Site Auditing Content Marketing Opportunities 6. www.verticalmeasures.comLIST OF ADVANCED SEARCH OPERATORS/COMMANDS@cliquekaila@little_bry Exact Match Exclude - Filetype - EXT Keyword in URL - INURL Keyword in Title - INTITLE Wildcard - * Include Similar Words - ~http://www.seomoz.org/article/the-professionals-guide-to-advanced-search-operators%23google 7. www.verticalmeasures.comEXACT - @cliquekaila@little_bry Search for an exact word or phrase Useful when narrowing down results Make sure to vary your exact phrases Helps you find duplicate content Great when searching for list & resource pages 8. www.verticalmeasures.comEXCLUDE MINUS -@cliquekaila@little_bry Restrict a keyword or site from results Often used to filter results for more accuracy When used in conjunction with othercommands, can prove very beneficial 9. www.verticalmeasures.comFILETYPE EXT:@cliquekaila@little_bry Search for a file type Discover content marketing opportunities Narrow down results 10. www.verticalmeasures.comKEYWORD IN URL INURL:@cliquekaila@little_bry Search for a specific keyword in the URL Find links pages, list pages, resource pages Discover similar link building opportunities easily 11. www.verticalmeasures.comKEYWORD IN TITLE INTITLE:/ALLINTITLE:@cliquekaila@little_bry Search for a specific keyword in the title Find links pages, list pages, resource pages Discover similar link building opportunities easily 12. www.verticalmeasures.comWILDCARD - *@cliquekaila@little_bry * is substituted by one or more words When paired with can uncover better results Very flexible search command Great for researchhttp://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-use-wildcard-search-with-various-google-services/28911/ 13. www.verticalmeasures.comINCLUDE SIMILAR WORDS - ~@cliquekaila@little_bry The tilde (~) helps you find results withsynonyms of the keyword immediately following Assists when looking for related terms 14. www.verticalmeasures.comEXAMPLES OF EFFECTIVE SEARCH COMMANDS@cliquekaila@little_bryKeyword inurl:tag(intitle:guest post) (intext:"this is a guest post by") blog(inurl:guest-post) (intitle:guest post guideline)(inurl:write-for-us) (intitle:guest post OR guest blog OR guest writer)"write OR blog OR guest * for us" OR "~submit OR add OR~suggestOR~contribute a guest post OR blog 15. www.verticalmeasures.com inurl:gov inurl:edu +college +university inurl:org supporters Research Council -giveaway -intext:sponsored post chamber of commerce +city city-name + Site:.k12..us city-name + site:.lib..usAUTHORITATIVE SEARCHCOMMANDS@cliquekaila@little_bry 16. www.verticalmeasures.comFINDING RELEVANCY@cliquekaila@little_bryDiversify Keywords ~ /ORStrategic quotesUbersuggest.orgLocate Niche DemographicsGeo Targeted 17. www.verticalmeasures.comSOCIAL MEDIA SEARCH:TWITTER@cliquekaila@little_bry 18. www.verticalmeasures.comSOCIAL MEDIA SEARCH:PINTEREST@cliquekaila@little_bryVS 19. www.verticalmeasures.com@cliquekaila@little_bryINDUSTRY WIDEOPERATORS 20. www.verticalmeasures.com@cliquekaila@little_bryCRIMINAL JUSTICE 21. www.verticalmeasures.comNURSING/HEALTHCARE/MEDICAL@cliquekaila@little_bry 22. www.verticalmeasures.comGENERAL EDUCATION LISTS@cliquekaila@little_bry 23. www.verticalmeasures.comINDUSTRY AND NICHE BLOGGERS@cliquekaila@little_bry 24. www.verticalmeasures.comBRAND SEARCH AND NEWS SEARCH@cliquekaila@little_bry 25. www.verticalmeasures.comCONTENT PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES@cliquekaila@little_bry 26. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?@cliquekaila@little_bry How and why advanced search commands work Types of advanced search commands Associated link building strategies w/commands Using search commands w/social media Sample queries that have been proven useful Research before searching yields better results 27. www.verticalmeasures.comContact: 888.476.1881www.verticalmeasures.comQUESTIONS?More Traffic. More Leads. More Business.@cliquekaila@little_bry 28. www.verticalmeasures.comJoin Us June 11th, 2013 @ 11AM PSTMeasure, Analyze, & Act: Develop a DataDriven Content Marketing StrategyPresenter: Kaila StrongDirector of Client Strategy, Vertical MeasuresLearn about: What data driven content marketing is Types of data important for content marketing Preparing your site to measure content dataCheck out our website at www.verticalmeasures.com/webinarsfor registration information.FREE WEBINAR SERIES: