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Replacing Laptop Harddrive

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Most people, who use computers and laptops, are not generally Technical (Hardware Geeks).

Check dimensions carefully by Model mentioned on the drive, not all hard drives are the same!

2.5 inch (6.4cm) drives were mainly used in laptops while the 3.5 inch (8.9cm) drives were used in desktops. However, the popularity of 2.5 inch (6.4cm) SSDs (Solid State Drives) devices have made 2.5 inch (6.4cm) hard drives popular options for desktops now as well. Some computer case manufacturers are including 2.5 inch (6.4cm) hard drive cages in some of their newer designs. If you are planning to replace a 3.5 inch (8.9cm) drive with a 2.5 drive, make sure your computer case has support for it, or you may need to purchase an adapter kit.

Check the interface carefullyNew Models are manufactured with SATA interface but chances are your laptop might not support it.

SATA usually comes in 3 different versions (SATA, SATA II and SATA III) You will need to check what your motherboard supports to make sure you have the correct replacement drives.

It will be a good idea to back up your Data in an External Hard Drive first.

Take precautions when touching electronic components.

Open the computer case.

Remove any screws that is holding the drive to either the computer case or the hard drive cage.Do this step only if you have a IDE hard drive.Move the jumpers on the replacement drive to match the settings of the original. Your choices will be Master, Slave or Cable Select. SATA drives do not need to set jumpers.

Install the hard drive by sliding the drive into position.

If you are replacing your primary hard drive, you will either need to reinstall your software or use recovery disks.