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The Amazon harbors some mysteries little known by those who do not live in the vast forest.

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  • 1. Planet Amazon

2. 3. The Amazon harbors some mysteries little known by those who do not live in the vast forest. But knowing them, impossible not to respect them even more. Let's do some? 4. The vast forest is distributed over eight countries in South and Central Americas, which are: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. 5. The Amazon or Amazn is a region in South America defined by the Amazon basin, largely covered by tropical forest (also called the Forest of the Amazon or Equatorial Hilia Amazon). 6. The Amazonian forest has 60% of its coverage in Brazilian territory. The basin of the Amazon has many major tributaries such as the Black River, Tapajos and Madeira, and the main river is the Amazon, which passes through other countries before enter land in Brazil. 7. The Amazon River was born in the Andes range 8. From the 5.5 square MILLIONof AMAZONIA, 3.3 million is in brazilian territory! 9. Here it is THE BIGGEST hidrographic basin OF PLANET EARTH! 10. THE BIG rivers shortcuts... FORM narrow waterways 11. AMAZNIA can be associated to the indian word AMASSUNU, which means Water sounds 12. WHAT seems to be shadow is indeed THE MEETING OF WATERs that never mix. 13. This phenomenon HAPPENS DUE TO the DIFFERENCE between the DENSITY , TEMPERATURE and composition of the waters among the rivers. 14. TheHIGH moisture DURING ALL YEAR ...FACILITATEs THE FORMATION OF THE FOREST ... 15. THE ALWAYS GREEN foliage..CONTRAST WITH the exuberantCOLORS OF native fauna ... 16. The EXOTIcism of SOMESPECIES is impressive! 17. The FOREST Is a SOURCE for the research of thousands of scientists! 18. The beaches on their NATURAL state stimulate our souls!!! 19. Amazon love it 20. Indians celebrate THEIR CULTURE INTERActing WITH VISITORS ...It is a dive into theFOREST s wisdom! 21. We love ONLY WHAT we know...Loving AMAZNIA ... We preserve LIFE! 22. 23. 24. there is no more time to wait for a decision that will establish irreversible changes in the Earth. 25. 26. Humanity must take no requirement that requires its responsibility for the maintenance of global biodiversity. 27. At this moment so crucial in that the evidence warn of the impact created by global climate change. 28. It is crucial responsibility of every citizen to full awareness in "safeguard the preservation of the environment". 29. The Amazon is the largest reserve of biodiversity in the world. Thelegal Amazon occupies approximately 5,000,000 km2, about 60% of Brazil. 30. The Amazon Forest covers about 3,300,000 km2, which represents 40% of Brazil. The Amazon is the largest in the world in volume of water. 31. 1 / 5 of drinking water in the world; 1 / 3 of forests latifoliadas, 200 different species of trees per hectare, 1.4 million fish, 1.3 million birds, 10 million insects. 32. Niobium has 98% of world reserves. Essential to make alloy as special turbine engine of the reaction and other equipment they need Tuesday high resistance to heat and friction. 33. Preserve is preserving the environment. 34. 35. A projection of 18,000,000 of Brazilians living in this region. 68% in urban areas and 32% in rural areas. 36. T op Brazilian indigenous population (approximately 256,000 people who speak sum between 170 to 180 languages). 37. The leaves of Victory Rgia reach two meters in diameter and can support up to 40 kilos of weight. 38. Planet Amazon 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. Curiosidade: on the left side of the map, is embodied the image of a Woman. 45. Amazon, belongs to Brazil. Responsibility world. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. Presentation by: Renato Cardoso 55. 56.