Computing Webinar - Creating a culture of risk management

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A presentation originally created for a webinar hosted by Computing Magazine, focusing on the question of how to create an effective culture of risk management within IT


  • 1. Creating a culture of Risk Management Simon Perry Principal Associate Analyst - Sustainability 2009 Quocirca Ltd

2. Risk analysisHigh riskRiskappetite Low risk 2009 Quocirca Ltd 3. Risky businessHigh riskRiskappetiteReactively pay the cost of riskRiskmanagement inflectionpoint Proactively pay the cost of risk technology people, process, education Low risk insurance 2009 Quocirca Ltd 4. Risky businessHigh riskRiskappetite Potential lost opportunity Cost of recoveryRiskmanagement inflectionpoint InsuranceEducation programs for usersPreventative technology Low risk 2009 Quocirca Ltd 5. 2009 Quocirca Ltd 6. 2009 Quocirca Ltd 7. 2009 Quocirca Ltd 8. externality: the cost of a decision that is borne by people other than those taking the decision 2009 Quocirca Ltd 9. values are a primary source of motivation in peoples lives 2009 Quocirca Ltd