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  • Valuing

  • Why are we here?

  • What is a Business?

    An endeavor that creates a series of financially profitable transactions

    Anything else is just an activity

  • This is an Activity

  • This could be a Business

  • Creating a Business is easy

  • but building a sustaining one is tough

    Gain position of dominance

    Create sizeable profits

    Protect and expand base

  • Creating differentiation is the key

  • Q: How can you be different?

    Do something you know is relevant, but others do not know (yet)

    Better yet, do something that will change the world!

    Achieve something for which people will fall in love with you

    Achieve something that very few can

  • A: By gaining Excellence

  • What does Excellence get you?

    Builds a culture of success Tentative efforts lead to tentative results

    Earns loyalty customers & employees

    Attracts excellent people

    Protects your business * You get to send thank-you notes to competitors

    Makes you enjoy the journey

  • Defining Excellence

    Brilliance in approach cunning, bold, cowardly, and breathtakingly brilliant

    Hard work & Passion You need to lose sleep over it

    Critical thinking and Adapting Be visionary, but be willing to adapt your vision Challenge authority, but learn from them Keep a smile, but be cynical

    Above all, Winning!

  • Does your team have Excellence?

    Do you have a jaw-dropping offering?

    Do people who test your product end up hugging you?

    Does your team argue a lot?

    Can a team 3x your size from Bangalore build the same product?

    Do you have a manager (business person with no provenskills) in your team?

    Are you driven insanely by a vision?

  • How do I gain Excellence?

  • (my) Tips for Excellence

    #1 Join the company of Excellence Be flexible on personal chemistry

    Aim to be the best in what you do That (sometimes) requires being insanely competitive

    Stand out of the line Either you will come out as a fool, or as a genius

    When possible, be the second mouse Learn from the mistakes of the leaders

    Think customer, not business

  • Hire the Best (and make a promise to never compromise)

  • Learn from Competition

  • Have a plan for Profit (before you write your first line of code)

  • Build a world-class Product

    An offering is a manifestation of a brilliant team put together, working in unison towards a cunning and a well-laid plan

  • Attitude determines Altitude

    A great student does not make for a great leader

    Beware of the PhD syndrome Remember, you were trained to critique, not to inspire

    Develop a CAN DO attitude Get small victories to develop confidence

    Having a believable, yet a compelling visionbecomes the key

  • Summary

    Gaining success is like a game of golf

    You have the right ingredients, but: you need to build upon it the world is becoming more competitive doing business in Silicon Valley is demanding

    Setting a culture of excellence in your professional life will (seamlessly) bring it together

    The results from Excellence will bring innovation, profits, and seed funding

    Valuing ExcellenceWhy are we here?What is a Business?This is an ActivityThis could be a BusinessCreating a Business is easy but building a sustaining one is toughCreating differentiation is the keyQ: How can you be different?A: By gaining ExcellenceWhat does Excellence get you?Defining ExcellenceDoes your team have Excellence?How do I gain Excellence?(my) Tips for ExcellenceHire the Best (and make a promise to never compromise)Learn from CompetitionHave a plan for Profit (before you write your first line of code)Build a world-class ProductAttitude determines AltitudeSummary