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  • Closing Sales with Lease Financingpresented toStrategic Selling

    Computer Dealer & VAR: Southeast Region

  • Marlin Is Your Computer/VARLeasing Partner As a leader in the Computer/VAR Equipment Leasing Industry we make it easier for your customers to say YES!

    By Offering:

    TOTAL PROJECT FINANCING - this gives you the ability to include the equipment, installation and training (soft costs not to exceed 30%) into one easy payment.

    MARLINS COST JUSTIFICATION PROGRAM - this is an Excel program that qualifies the customer shrinkage compared to their lease payment, making it a Cost Saver for customers to acquire your product today.

    TAX ADVANTAGES FOR CUSTOMER WHO LEASE - leasing pays dividends for customers who are aware of the Tax Savings.

    PARTNERING WITH AN INDUSTRY LEADER - we are the exclusive financing source for many major manufacturers in the security market.

  • Our Competitive Strengths

    Marlin offers a Single Point of Contact which is a level of service in which you work with the same leasing professional all the time, every timeWe offer a comprehensive credit process which provides you with a less than 2 Hour Decision Time on all lease applicationsWe can provide you with Customized Reports such as, End of Term, Monthly Lease Volume etcMarlin offers you a level of Marketing Support that surpasses all expectations

    Joint Advertising/BrochuresPoint of Sale MaterialsFinancial Sales Training/WebExSpecials/Promotions/Contests

  • Strengthen Your Sales Cycle

    Leasing compliments long-term relationship selling.Building a relationship vs. doing a deal.Lock out your competitors and grow a portfolio.Position your offering to compete with your largest competitorThink of how you make your own purchasing decisions -

    If you had to pay cash, would you own your home or car?

  • Marlins Benefits To YouOvercome pricing objectionsIncrease average transaction sizeHigher profit marginsCompetitive lease ratesLock in customer relationship for repeat salesFlexible lease programs to meet customer needsMarketing support programsSimplifies docs & fast credit decisions expedite transactionsWeb interactive

  • Benefits of LeasingTo Your CustomersSource of capital for equipment acquisitionPreservation of bank credit linesPotential tax advantagesFinance soft costsSimple and convenient approval process and documentationMinimize balance sheet liabilitiesUpgrades and add-ons made easyFlexible payment options with longer payment termsFlexible end-of lease purchase or renewal optionsHelps avoid technological obsolescence

  • Lead With Leasing

    Payment OptionsImpact on the CustomerImpact on Your Sales Revenue & MarginsImpact on your expensesLease PaymentGets them thinking about small payment before thinking about a larger total cost.Keeps Customer focused on equipment benefits Not the price.100% of equipment cost is financed.Preserves Cash for other uses.Increases closed Sales by eliminating cost objection.Creates an ability to up-sell more equipment for small additional monthly payment increase.Locks Customer Relationship for repeat Sales in the future.Maintain and/or improves profit margin.Improves your Sales Expenses to Revenue generated ratio. Cost less to get business from existing Customer than landing a new Customer.Marlin takes all Credit Costs, Credit Risks & Collection CostFast Payment lowers account receivablesCash PriceMay think the total price is too high.May not have full cash price.May shop your price to find better deal.Forces negotiation on priceReinforce short term do a deal rather than long term relationship.Delay in transaction closing because of waiting for bank loan.Reduces Receivable CostNet 30May not have cash in 30 days, but get equipment today.May not get approved for Net by your own Credit Dept.A Cash Price still is open for price negotiation.Cost of Credit Dept and Potential Credit RiskHigher A/R and Personal expenses to CollectDecreases your Cash Flow if carrying high Net 30 AccountsCredit CardFast ProcessUses up credit card lineCash Price still open for negotiation.Forced to pay higher bank fees of 3%-4%

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