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2. :PRESENTCONTINUOUS TENSE 3. Present Continuous Present Continuous 4. Present Continuous- Present Continuous To be (I am; he/she/it is; we/they/you are) -ing ( -ing ) -Dont make a noise ,he is working ( , ()) . am/is/are -Am I reading a book?( ?) not, (am not ,is not=isnt ,are not=arent)-We are not writing a new play ( ) 5. Present Continuous - , (,) :-Mothers making dinner.Im writing a letter. , , :-Where are you staying?-Im staying at my friends. I hope youreenjoying your holiday. (-), , , today, this season( to come, to leave, to stay, to call to have guests, to give a party .):So youre leavingfor Kiev on Tuesday, arent you ? Were buying a new stereosystemsoon :-His French is getting better . 6. * Present continuous :now, at the moment, these days, atpresent, always, tonight, still . * , . 7. , , ingdance-dancing agree-agreeing , , ingrefer-referringrun-runningget-getting open-opening , l , l ing travel-travelling , ie , ie - y + -ing Lie-lyingdie-dying 8. Present Continuous () be ?() ?() 4 Present Continuous?() 9. We are tidying the gardenI am not doing my homeworkIs dad painting the living-room?He is runningThe girls are playing with their dollsJohn is studying at universityHelen and I are making dinnerAre you listening to the radio? , , , 10. (* ,** )I. ing: talk, dive, swim, shop, lie, study, mend, write, try, take, cookII. Present Continuous1 I(to do) my homework2 You (to have )a break3 The dog (to sit) on the floor 4 The old man (not/to walk) about the room 5 John and his friends (to go) to the libraryIII.* 1- ? ?- . 11. 2- . ? 3 .4 . .IV** (Present Simple or Present Continuous)June: Hi, Mum! Mum: Hello , June. Where ..(you/call)from?June : I (be) at work at the moment .My boss ..(have) lunch with his wife now. He(often/take ) her to lunch on Tuesdays.Mum: Well, why (you/phone)? Is there anything wrong? 12. June : No, I just want you know that I .(come)home nextSaturday. 13. I. 1 He are not reading a book now2 We am playing in the park3 Look ! Her sister are dancing4 They is singing a new songII , Present Continuous1. My book (to lie) on the table. 2. They (to work). 3. The doctor and her patient (to talk). 4. We (to cook) dinner. My mother (to make) a salad. 5. A young man (to drive) a car. He (to listen) music. 6. My grandfather (to read) a book.7. The pen (to lie) on the floor.8. You (to have) a break?9. She still (to sing). My mother am making a cake now 14. III * Present Continuous1. . 2. . 3. .4 ? 5. .6. . 7. . 8. . 9. .10. ?11. ?12. . 13. . 14. . 15. IV ** , Present Continuous Past Continuous1I (to write) an English exercise now.2 I (to write) an English exercise at this time yesterday. 3 My little sister (to sleep) now. 4 My little sister (to sleep) at this time yesterday. 5 My friends (not to do) their homework now. They (to play) volley-ball. 6 My friends (not to do) their homework at seven oclock yesterday. They (to play) volley-ball.7 You (to eat) ice-cream now? 8 You (to eat) ice-cream when I rang you up yesterday? 16. I/talking, diving, swimming, shopping, lying, studying, mending,writing, trying, taking, cookingII/1 I am doing my homework2 Are you having a break3 The dog is sitting on the floor4 The old man is not /isnt walking about the room5 John and his friends are going to the libraryIII*/1What is John doing ? Where is he? He is sunbathing himselfon the bank of the river. 17. 2 His wife stayed at the hotel . What is she doing? She is eating pizza.3 Their son Ted is preparing/reading for his exam at the moment /now4 Charles is writing a letter to his girl-friend(now). He is going to see her on his holidays(to be a guest of hers). He wants to go to see her on his holidaysIV**/1. are you calling; 2. am; 3. is having; 4. often takes; 5. are you phoning 18. I/1 he is not/isnt reading a book now2 Are we playing in the park3 Look! Her sister is dancing4 Are they singing a new song5 My mother is making a cake nowII/1. My book is lying on the table. 2. They are working. 3. The doctor and her patient are talking. 4. We are cooking dinner. My mother is making a salad. 5. A young man is driving a car. He is listening music. 6. My grandfather is reading a book. 7. The pen is lying on the floor. 8. Are you having a break? 9. She is still singing 19. III*/ 1 . We are writing. 2 .They are reading.3 .She is not working.4 ? Are you watching?5 .He is not reading. 6 .They are not playing the piano. 7 .I am not baking a cake. 8 .She is not singing.9 .Her sister is not sleeping.10 ? Is grandmother not drinking tea?11 ?Are your friends drinking coffee? 12 .She is working at the table.13 .I am not writing a letter.14 . I am doing an exercise 20. IV**/1 I am writing an English exercise now.2.I was writing an English exercise at this time yesterday.3 My little sister is sleeping now.4 My little sister was sleeping at this time yesterday.5 My friends are not doing their homework now. They are playing volley-ball.6 My friends were not doing their homework at seven oclock yesterday. They were playing volley-ball.7 Are you eating ice-cream now?8.Were you eating ice-cream when I rang you up yesterday? 21. ..,. http://www.enhome.ru/grammar/lesson23_ex.htmlhttp://english4life.com.ua/uprajnenie/uprajprezentcont.htmlhttp://www.english-na-5.ru/present-cont-ex.htmlhttp://www.english-thebest.ru/tests/test8.phphttp://abc-english- grammar.com/1/10Present_continuous_Gram.htmhttp://www.alleng.ru/mybook/3gram/6verb_07.htm 22. !