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A five capability model mapped to cybernetics and APQC process framework, IT service management and much more. Enjoy, I would love your feedback.


  • 1.Scale Your Priority Scope Separating Concerns and Protecting both your top and bottom lineCrisis>Risk Management>Recovery and Zero Down Time Zero Data LossSUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURES Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016

2. Strategy and Vision An event driven architecture integrated across the business and we are not married to any technologies. the majority of the work happens in ERP it doesnt matter which ERP system you use and doesnt require a new purchase. Assume the design aligns each function with the minimum viable requirements for governance and discreet or full change concepts. Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 3. Strategic and Tactical Planning Stakeholders by Process (P&L Owner) Resilience Strategic Planning begins in the 1. Design strategy and vision business process one of five at level 1 in the APQC business process Framework. Tactical Planning or Operational strategy execution begins in the 2. Develop Products and Services business process. Again Level 2 of the APQC framework. Allows recovery time and zero down timeCopyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 4. Operating Models (3) Tactical Planning Self Governing Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016Clouds represent management or identity systems Ovals in one direction represent the strategy during execution where control loops would be.This model integrates innovation by design The three layers enable grouping by skill. For better security to fewer resources The design is governance by design 5. Systems Thinking Management Capabilities Systems with rules where people must remain constrained to the rules of the system.Transaction Capabilities A second type of system social systems where people are making decisions and not bound to systems. Often the results are complex.The baseline we benchmark against requires the Management Capability, our performance results from the Transaction Capability. In cybernetics we can associate Identity and Planning with the management capability or rules based system. In the Director stage we are talking about the coordinator and collaboration which aligns with the Transaction Capabilities. Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 6. A Cybernetics Viable System Model with master data sourced from a single source.Architecture Design for Sustainable CloudsWorkers Planning 1 of 3 CyberneticsOffer SuppliersManagement Capability TypesPartyProfit and LossCustomersFinancial Accounts ERP SegmentsLocationPhysical AddressTransaction CapabilitiesExpense or CostRevenue or BenefitsCybernetics Viable System Model ISO Country Codes Identity System Systems Corporate PolicyISO PrinciplesRecord ManagementPlanning SystemCoordinator and CollaborationCopyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016Cybernetics PLANNING 7. Synthesis of the Two Systems Transaction Capability The next diagram intends to show the way a transaction acquires identity facts when decisions are made. Real World addresses for exampleManagement Capability A management capability provides the identity facts to the user in a transaction activity, allowing the rule to be captured in meeting the regulatory rules. While the transaction stakeholders and associated performance are presented as the users perspective.Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 8. Sourcing from the Identity and Planning Expense Transaction System ERP During execution of the operational strategy or tactical activities we are in the Director stage of the viable system modelCopyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 9. Design Patterns for Integrity and re-useSingle Source on Global StandardsDIRECTORCurrency Code ISO Country CodeTransaction CapabilitiesExpense or CostLanguage CodeRevenue or Benefitshas States in country ISO Country Name Display NameSub TopicCompany CodeProject Code (alternative cost reference)Management CapabilitiesISO PrinciplesCorporate PolicySub-Account Code (Business Model)General Ledger (profit and Loss)Department Code (business unit)IDENTITY Reference data or global standards allow us to have accurate information, sourced from a single table distributed to any and all transaction applications. Not acquisition of data, lookups or push rather manage Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016Cybernetics DIRECTOR 10. Alignment of Process to EA 63 organizations or agencies spent nearly a year working on a way to bridge Enterprise Architecture with Business Architecture and the results are the APQC Business Process Framework. Far too often EAs are asking for information from users who are not accountable for the scope of the question. The CEO is the only role with the accountability and hardly the person to ask a question we should be able to derive within the practice. The following two slides take us through the way the Director system and AQPC Business Process Framework, with roles, and reference relationships to both management and transaction capabilities. Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 11. Director System Transaction Capability (2) Private Sector Expense Transaction Capability Revenue Transaction Capability Public Sector Cost Transaction Benefits TransactionCopyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 12. Capability for Private Sector with roles to processCorporate FinanceRoles to Process with Capability Business Managers1. Design Strategy and VisionExecutiveKey LegendLegalAPQC BPMHuman ResourcesProcessBusiness FunctionExpense Transaction CapabilityRevenue or Benefit2. Develop OffersRolesExpense or CostCorporate QualityRevenue Transaction CapabilityOffer ManagersEngineersAPQC Business Process FrameworkCorporate MarketingField Marketing3. Market and Sell Offers WW SalesField SalesExpense Transaction CapabilitySupply ChainOperations 4. Deliver OffersRevenue Transaction Capability InventoryProject DeliveryRe-active Technical Support 5 Manage Offers Pro-active Technical SupportCopyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016Cybernetics COLLABORATION AND COORDINATOR 13. Two Types of Transactions Expense or Cost TransactionsRevenue or Benefits Transactions Imagine a three lane highway in the South bound direction we have cost or expenses deductions from a planning stage. When the South Bound travel finishes the various stages a cost has a associated with spending money, we can assume the revenue cycle ideally begins. Spending money requires a supply or a purchase from a supplier, our employees buy/spend for goods or services to sell. The planning attributes should publish to the header detail in many forms for the full life of the transactions, threading the records for far fewer chances of error. Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 14 data points can be shared and published into all revenue record headers to ensure integration and accuracy in the benefit phase 14. Expense Transaction Capability Notice The three management capabilities are the source for the investment and expense or cost transaction capability. Every employee has an associated cost, the cost for payroll and all processing of the same is a child of the ETC. Every people manager needs the ETC, every industry and every part of the world. Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 15. Revenue Transaction Capability 14 values from customer expectation to delivery eCommerceLegal EntityCRM-OM Quoting PublicPrivateSales Order ShipmentGSA schedule pricingNon-TaxableInvoiceTaxableERP GIS Zip Code SIC code customer discountReal World VariablesGlobal Ultimate idLegal Entity TypeNew Leverage PointsParty Customer Master RecordGAAP/GARP RevenuePlease Note: Diagrams in this slide deck are not stylized or intended to represent a finished product. These diagrams are only presented to serve as a discussion point about diagram organization approach and content. 2013 @ copyright Wicked Design Solutions - Lisa Martinez-408-471-9016 16. Governance by Design Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 Governance by design 5 capabilities are defined to support the Sarbanes Oxley requirements. 17. Segregation of Duties 404 Assurances The fundamental basis of the Sarbanes Oxley 404 Assurances are in ensuring the financial statements are accurately applying cost against benefits or expense against revenue. Therefore the design and application of the viable system model incorporates a five capability model in order to meet the effective design principle in applying the two Priority 1 transaction capabilities across the full lifecycle of each. A distinction between CRUD roles ensures the transaction roles are applied effectively and detect and prevent strategies are self governing for the distinction between Enterprise size customers who are both customers and suppliers. Allowing the flexibility required for the collaborator and coordinator work which relies entirely on social systems where the transactions are producing the record, measuring the performance of the planning and director phases at leverage points with various feedback loops.Copyright @ 2014 WICKED Design Solutions Lisa Martinez 408.638-9016 18. The End for now