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Cantilever Racking A Group Company of A-Plus Storage Systems 钢制货架 | 仓储设备 | 工位器具 | 配套产品 | 自动化

钢制货架 仓储设备 工位器具 配套产品 自动化 Racking

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A family group of companies started in 1993,focus on the racking scope for over 20 years Quality meeting the EU and ANSI standards,and presence in more than 35 countries and areas Possessing 45,000 sq.m. land area,4 factories specialized in Storage Racking, Wire Mesh Products, Hardware and Cutting Blades 250 people working behind each individual customer and case Around 500 export containers and 1,000 local truckloads to ship annually All Reps trained for the best level of customer services
The System
Cantilever Rack is an excellent space saving solution for storing long or
heavy items such as metal sheets,plates,tubes and bars,aluminium and
plastic extrusions,timber boards,and even bulky or mixed materials on a
modified system. As there is no front columns in the system,cantilever rack
features faster loading and unloading process, lowering handling time and
costs. Any load is immediately accessible.
A-PLUS supplies popular concepts including Canti-BOLT / Canti-
LOCK / Canti-CLAD / Canti-MOBILE. We also have available the
Home Depot style,Continuous Shelf system,Roll-Out Cantilever
etc.,more than your expectation.
Single sided,double sided and even combined configurations Arms adjustable by pitch or infinitely adjustable Powder coated or hot-dipped galvanized finish Weather protection canopy design available Many options and combinations available to suit light,medium,heavy loads
Flexibility & Capability
A-PLUS offers bolt (Grade 8.8) connected or clamped arms that distribute
loads applied to columns,and hold themselves in place free from rotation.
Different support styles are available to construct the system which includes
Structural or Universal I beam Supported,RHS Tube Supported,Roll-Formed
Closed “C”Supported,Traditional Racking Frame Configured etc.
No pre-punched holes required on the column Single-sided or double-sided configuration Infinitely adjustable arms – put them where you need them Smooth connection between arms and column High safety factor – the greater the load,the stronger the arm grips Easily and quickly installed Structural columns for safety and impact resistance
The system,either open or closed,is designed to support the
roof and walls in addition to their actual function as a
storage system. In this way,significant cost advantage is
achieved in comparison with conventional warehouse with
additional racks installed.
In order to increase the capacity of the space available, the Cantilever system can be installed over guided bases that slide laterally on rails built into the floor,eliminating the need for multiple fixed aisles. With this system,the aisles open up only when the operator requests access. This application increases the capacity of a warehouse by up to 100%.
Arm Center Tie
Different Decking Options
Underneath Decking Support
Aisle Portal Tie
Floor Guide Rail
No.118 Tianyuan East Road Jiangning Science Park,
China 211122