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探討 RosettaNet 的發展與 應用現況

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探討 RosettaNet 的發展與 應用現況. 指導老師:張瑞芬教授 組員: 877807 吳文婷 893824 許智程 893832 張書銘 903841 蔡明江. EI 期末專題. 報告內容. RosettaNet 的架構與標準( PIP) 探討目前國內成功導入的案例 • 台威計劃(康柏 v.s. 台達電 & 康柏 v.s. 英業達 ) • 世平興業 • Extricity 軟體簡介 RosettaNet 的未來與展望. RosettaNet 現況. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 探討 RosettaNet 的發展與 應用現況

  • RosettaNet EI 877807 893824 893832 903841

  • RosettaNet(PIP) (v.s. & v.s.) Extricity RosettaNet

  • RosettaNet RNIntelMicrosoftGENECSonyRN RosettaNetRosettaNet

  • RosettaNet 1998RosettaNetITEC()RosettaNet -- PIP() -- Framework() -- Dictionaries ()

  • RosettaNet Focus

  • RosettaNet

  • PIP -Cluster,Segment,PIP7Cluster (e.g. cluster3:Order Management segment 3A:Quote and Order Entry PIP 3A4 Request Purchase Order PIP 3A7 Notify of Purchase Order Acknowledgment cluster4:Inventory Management segment 4A:Collaborative Forecasting PIP 4A4 Notify of Planning Release Forecast PIP 4A5 Notify of Forecast Reply )


  • PIP 1. Specification (*.doc) PIP

    2. XML DTDs describing schema of business document payload (*.dtd)

    3. Message guidelines (.htm) cardinality, code lists, definitionsPIP

  • RosettaNet 2000103 RrsettaNet Taiwan (RNT) RNTIntel

  • Case Study 1 (TaiWeb)

  • (TaiWeb)PO ManagementCollaborative Forecasting

  • (TaiWeb)Support Compaq strategy of being leader in eCommerceDrive implementation of RosettaNet processes into areas of maximum gainBring awareness to all of Compaq and business partnersIncrease Compaq participation in RosettaNet activities

  • (TaiWeb)- Compaq v.s. Delta(Supply Collaboration)Extricity (Peregrine)RosettaNet 3A4/3A7 PIPsPartner Interface Process

  • Compaq v.s. Delta

  • Compaq v.s. Delta

  • Compaq v.s. DeltaOrder processing lead time has been reduced to several minutesIt takes Deltas sales person several mouse-click to approve and generate sales order in Deltas ERPCompaq gets PO Acknowledgement immediatelyVarious departments involved in order processing get informed immediatelyCompaq buyer can track order status on-lineReduce errors caused by manual process

  • (TaiWeb) Compaq v.s. InventecPre-configured B2B gatewayPre-configured RosettaNet mapping engineWeb-page for audit trail and logAudit databasePreparation listTraining

  • Compaq v.s. Inventec

  • Compaq v.s. InventecEffort for Compaqs trading partner can be minimized !

  • Case Study 2Intel-

  • BackgroundDevelopment ProcessBenefitVideo

  • Background2001(F) USD 1billion IntelPhilips T.I. Vishay ATMEL OmniVision IDT SiI HYUNDAI Mitel

  • Development Process RosettaNet : PIP 3A4 ( / / ) PIP 3A7( )

  • Flow Diagram

  • BenefitERPRosettaNetError-checkingEDI:

  • IntelRosettaNetinternet technologysupply chain, EDI

  • Extricity B2B (Peregrine B2Bi) RosettaNet B2B B2B B2B

  • ComponentExtricity B2B Alliance ManagerExtricity B2B Process PaksExtricity B2B Partner ChannelsExtricity B2B Integration Adapters

  • Extricity B2B Alliance ManagerB2BAdapter ManagerChannel ManagerProcess ManagerUnified Management Environment

  • Extricity B2B. Integration Adapters SAP Baan i2 Oracle PeopleSoft IBM MQSeries Adapter Development Environment

  • Extricity B2B. Partner ChannelsXMLEDIFTPSMTP

  • Extricity B2B. Process PaksNet Markets Process PakSemiconductor Process PakRosettaNet Process PakConsumer Packaged Goods Process PakLogistics Services Process PakeRetailers Process Pak

  • Extricity B2B123

  • RosettaNet Intel2006RosettaNetEDI (Electronic data interchange). RosettaNet 20014ebXML(RosettaNet Implementation Framework;RNIF)

  • ebXMLebXML

  • (TaiWeb)SCM Hub Center - CollaborationOptimization B2BCTO API

  • (TaiWeb) (Build-to-Stock,Build-to-Order)(Configure-to Order) (Differentiation)

  • (TaiWeb)

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