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…a few words about myself. 15 years of experience as a professional journalist and PR / m arketing consultant s pecialized in the area of travel , leisure , food & life style - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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31.08.111a few words about myself15 years of experience as a professional journalist and PR / marketing consultantspecialized in the area of travel, leisure, food & life stylefounder of ABSOLUTPUBLISHING, an agency for public relations, corporate publishing & content marketingpartner of ABSOLUTWEB, an agency for Web concepts and designs ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.112we work(ed) for clients like:

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.113How to reach the lesbian market

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.114in Germany. Some facts:

4.1% of men consider themselves gay and/or bi-sexual3.1% of woman consider themselves gay and/or bi-sexual9.4% of men are attracted to other men19.1% of woman are attracted to other woman(representative study conducted by TNS Emnid in 2001 amongst 15,000 straight, bi-sexual, gay and lesbian men and women)

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.115Lesbians in Germany

1.6 million lesbians in Germany3.5% 4.5% of the entire populationwell educated heterogeneous community

(study by the European School of Business, 2004)

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.116Travel Behavior

lesbians & gays spend 20.4 billion Euro per year on travelthey spend 15-20% of the entire cost of travel for the German population83% take short trips (2-5 days) on average 4 times a year plus one longer vacation once a year(study by Publicom, 2007)

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.117Favorite Destinations

Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, KlnEurope: Spain, LondonWorldwide: USA

(study by Publicom, 2007)

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.118How do we reach this attractive target group?

ABSOLUTPUBLISHING31.08.119Marketing Strategies

AdvertisingPublic RelationsSponsoringVisibilitySocial Media


Contact: [email protected]