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CHINA People's Republic of China. 中華人民共和國. The People's Republic of China ( PRC ). commonly known as China is the largest country in East Asia and the most populous in the world with over 1.3 billion people approximately one-fifth of the world's population - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • CHINAPeople's Republic of China

  • The People's Republic of China (PRC) commonly known as Chinais the largest country in East Asia and the most populous in the world with over 1.3 billion peopleapproximately one-fifth of the world's populationit is a socialist republic ruled by the Communist Party of China under a single-party systemThe PRC's capital is Beijing.

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  • History Ancient Chinese civilizationone of the world's earliestflourished in the fertile basin of the Yellow River which flows through the North China Plain.For over 4,000 years, China's political system was based on hereditary monarchies (also known as dynasties). The first of these dynasties was the Xia but it was later the Qin Dynasty who first unified China in 221 BC. The last dynasty, the Qing, ended in 1911 with the founding of the Republic of China

  • History The first half of the 20th century saw China plunged into a period of disunity and civil wars that divided the country into two main political camps the Kuomintang and the Communists. Major hostilities ended in 1949, when the People's Republic of China (PRC) was established in mainland China by the victorious Communists. The KMT-led Republic of China government retreated to Taipei, its jurisdiction now limited to Taiwan and several outlying islands.Plunge ponoit seDisunity nejednotnHostility vlen stav Outlying - odlehl

  • History and nowSince the introduction of market-based economic reforms in 1978, China has become one of the world's fastest growing economies and the world's second largest exporter and the third largest importer of goods. Rapid industrialization has reduced its poverty rate from 53% in 1981 to 8% in 2001. However, the PRC is now faced with a number of other problems including a rapidly aging population due to the one-child policy, a widening rural-urban income gap, and environmental degradation.Moreover, China has been criticized for its human rights violations, and for having a problematic record of interfering with press freedom.Moreover krom tohoInterfere with zasahovat do

  • Politics The PRC is regarded by several political scientists as one of the last five Communist states (along with Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba), but simple characterizations of PRC's political structure since the 1980s are no longer possible.The PRC government has been variously described as communist and socialist, but also as authoritarian, with heavy restrictions remaining in many areas, most notably on the Internet, the press, freedom of assembly, reproductive rights, and freedom of religion.The country is run by the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is guaranteed power by the Constitution.There are other political parties in the PRC, referred to in China as "democratic parties", which participate in the People's Political Consultative Conference and the National People's Congress.

  • Human rights While economic and social controls have been greatly relaxed in China since the 1970s, political freedom is still tightly controlled by both central and local governments. The Constitution of the People's Republic of China states that the "fundamental rights" of citizens include freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to a fair trial, freedom of religion, universal suffrage, and property rights. However, these provisions do not afford significant protection in practice against criminal prosecution by the State.Suffrage - hlasovac prvo Provision - ustanoven (nap. zkona ap.) Prosecution - aloba

  • Human rights Censorship of political speech and information is openly and routinely used to silence criticism of government and the ruling Chinese Communist Party.In particular, press control is notoriously tight: Reporters Without Borders considers the PRC one of the least free countries in the world for the press.In the Reporters Without Borders' Annual World Press Freedom Index of 2005, the PRC ranked 159 out of 167 places.Routinely bn, rutinn

  • Reporters Without Borders 2008 Press Freedom Rankings

  • GeographyChina borders 14 nations.The territory of China contains a large variety of landscapes. In the east, along the shores of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, there are extensive and densely populated alluvial plains, while on the edges of the Inner Mongolian plateau in the north, grasslands can be seen. Southern China is dominated by hill country and low mountain ranges. In the central-east are the deltas of China's two major rivers, the Yellow River and Yangtze River.Extensive rozshl, rozlehlAlluvial plain nivn ninaPlateu nhorn rovinaGrassland louky a pastviny

  • LanguagesMost languages in China belong to the Sino-Tibetan language family, spoken by 29 ethnicities. There are also several major linguistic groups within the Chinese language itself. The most spoken varieties are Mandarin (spoken by over 70% of the population), Wu, Yue (Cantonese), Min, Xiang, Gan, and Hakka.Classical Chinese was the written standard in China for thousands of years, and allowed for written communication between speakers of various unintelligible languages and dialects in China.unintelligible - nesrozumiteln allow for- poskytnout

  • Sports and recreationMany historians believe that association football originated in China, where a form of the sport may have appeared around 1000 AD.Other popular sports include martial arts, table tennis, badminton, and more recently, golf. Basketball is now popular among young people in urban centers.There are also many traditional sports. Chinese dragon boat racing occurs during the Duan Wu festival. In Inner Mongolia, Mongolian-style wrestling and horse racing are popular. In Tibet, archery and equestrian sports are part of traditional festivals.archery - lukostelba equestrian sport - jezdeck sport

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