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City Cluster Quickstart. Lien-Chi Lai , COLA Lab, Department of Mathematics, NTU 2010/05/11. To Login “City Cluster”. On Mac: Launch “ 終端機 ” $ ssh $ ssh –X (to enable X11 forwarding). 2. City Cluster Quickstart. To Transfer Files. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of City Cluster Quickstart

  • City Cluster QuickstartLien-Chi Lai, COLA Lab, Department of Mathematics, NTU 2010/05/11

  • To Login City ClusterCity Cluster Quickstart*On Mac: Launch

    $ ssh$ ssh X (to enable X11 forwarding)

  • To Transfer FilesCity Cluster Quickstart*

    $ sftp files:get filenamemget foo*.cupload files:put foo1mput foo*.c

    scp secure remote file copy program$ scp .

  • SSH Secure Shell (on Windows) : to LoginCity Cluster Quickstart*Download and install SSH Secure Shell

  • SSH Secure Shell: to transfer filesCity Cluster Quickstart*

  • SSH Secure Shell: to transfer filesCity Cluster Quickstart*

  • Basic Linux CommandsCity Cluster Quickstart*pwd print current working directoryman on-line reference manualse.g. $ man pwdmkdir make directoriese.g. $ mkdir dir_namels list directory contentse.g. $ ls or ls dir_name/cd change directorye.g. $ cd dir_name/rm remove files or directoriese.g. $ rm -r dir_name/cp copy files and directoriese.g. $ cp file_scr file_dst

  • MATLABCity Cluster Quickstart

    *Graphic User Interface (GUI)$ ssh -X$ matlab

    No GUIssh$ matlab -nojvm

  • EditorsCity Cluster Quickstart*vi a programmers text editor$ vi filename

    emacs a programmers text editor$ emacs filename

    gedit simple text editor for GNOME$ gedit or gedit filename

  • GCCCity Cluster Quickstart

    *gcc C and C++ compilere.g. $ gcc hello.c -o hello (compile test.c) $ ./hello (execute hello)

    // C programming for Hello World#include

    int main(){

    printf(Hello World!!\n);

    return 0;}

  • FORTRANCity Cluster Quickstart

    *Edit hello.f90Compile: $ ifort hello.f90Run$ ./a.out

    Program Hello

    implicit none

    write (*,*) Hello, World.


  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)City Cluster Quickstart


    Linux, Windows,

  • VNCCity Cluster Quickstart

    *On server side (e.g. :2 launch VNC server with port 5802vncpasswd change VNC passwordvncserver -kill :2 close VNC server at port 5802

    On local side Go to VNC Viewer to connect

  • ReferenceCity Cluster Quickstart