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    -1871 .

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    Marketing Questions and Answers


    1- Which is the new outcome of change in distribution system?


    B.Speed Post and Courier System


    D.All of these

    E.None of these

  • Answer - D (All of these)

    42- Which is Plastic money?

    A.Credit Card and Debit Card



    D.Bank Draft

    E.Banker Note

    Answer - A (Credit Card and Debit Card)

    3- Individualisation is process of?

    A.Customer relationship management


    C.Customer Information



    Answer - B (Customerisation)

    4- Which is modern means of quick response to customers problems?

    A.Toll Free Phone

    B.Consumer Protection laws

    C.Government of India

    D.Speed Post

    E.All of these

  • Answer - A (Toll Free Phone)

    5- CRM is helpful in?

    A.New product development and planning

    B.Risk Creation




    Answer - A (New product development and planning)

    6- Which is economic product?


    B.Population and Congestion Problem


    D.All of these

    E.None of these

    Answer - D (All of these)

    7- Old Concept of Marketing comprises-

    A.Buying and selling activities

    B.Only Buying

    C.Only Selling

    D.Only price

    E.All of these

  • Answer - A (Buying and selling activities)

    8- Marketing includes activities involved in the flow of goods and services from Production to-


    B.Godown and Transportation System



    E.All of these

    Answer - C (Consumption)

    9- DSA is an agent of

    A.ICICI Bank

    B.State Bank of India

    C.Union Bank of India


    E.All of these

    Answer - A (ICICI Bank)

    10- What is full form of PIN?

    A.Personal identification number




  • E.All of these

    Answer - A (Personal identification number)

    Current Affairs Questions and Answers May 01, 2015


    Q1. Name the executive co-chairman of NDTV who was conferred the RedInk Award for lifetime achievement at a function in Mumbai on 30th Apr15?

    A. Prannoy Roy

    B. Arnab Goswami

    C. Sreenivasan Jain

    D. Rajat Sharma

    ANSWER: A. Prannoy Roy

    Q2. International Workers Day was observed on ______.

    A. 30th April

    B. 1st May

    C. 2nd May

    D. 5th May

    ANSWER: B. 1st May

    Q3. Which state government will be launching new initiatives including a new Insurance Programme for unorganized laborers and transport drivers on the occasion of the May Day?

    A. Maharashtra

    B. Tamil Nadu

  • C. Himachal Pradesh

    D. Andhra Pradesh

    ANSWER: D. Andhra Pradesh

    Q4. In which state, from 2nd May, all babies born will be concurrently Aadhaar-enrolled and their Aadhaar linked birth certificate will be issued within seven days?

    A. Gujarat

    B. Delhi

    C. Haryana

    D. West Bengal

    ANSWER: C. Haryana

    Q5. Foundation Day of Gujarat is being observed on ____.

    A. 30th April

    B. 3rd May

    C. 2nd May

    D. 1st May

    ANSWER: D. 1st May

    Q6. Maharashtra Day is being observed on ____________.

    A. 1st April

    B. 3rd May

    C. 1st May

    D. 29th April

  • ANSWER: C. 1st May

    Q7. The Securities and Exchange Board of India has replaced the mandatory colour codes with a _____ that will help investors to understand better the risks involved in mutual fund investments.

    A. Riskometer

    B. Profit Margin

    C. Schemes Structure

    D. Marginometer

    ANSWER: A. Riskometer

    Q8. Name the noted Islamic scholar and peace activist conferred with the Sayyidina Imam Al Hassan Ibn Ali Peace Award at a function in Abu Dhabi?

    A. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

    B.Maulana Mahmood Madani

    C. Maulana Syed Ali Taqvi

    D. Maulana Kalb-e-Javad

    ANSWER: A. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

    Q9. As per the announcement made by West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee, which district became the first Open Defecation Free (ODF) district in the country?

    A. Hooghly

    B. Burdwan

    C. Nadia

    D. Bardhaman

  • ANSWER: C. Nadia

    Q10. Name the Indian cricketer recommended for Arjuna Award 2015 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India?

    A. Rohit Sharma

    B. Yuvaraj Singh

    C. Akshar Patel

    D. Parthiv Patel

    ANSWER: A. Rohit Sharma

    Current Affairs Questions and Answers - May 02, 2015


    Q1. Name the author of the book Seal of the Surya?

    A. Sri Amritanshu

    B. Amrita Pritam

    C. Sri Lal Shukla

    D. Surendra Verma

    ANSWER: A. Sri Amritanshu

    Q2. Name the author of the book China Confucius in the Shadows released by the Vice President of India on 1st May15?

    A. Smt. Roopa Kumari

    B. Smt. Poonam Surie

    C. Sri Anand Kumar

  • D. Sri Amritanshu

    ANSWER: B. Smt. Poonam Surie

    Q3. Which country became the 161st Member of World Trade Organization (WTO)?

    A. Tajikistan

    B. Yemen

    C. Seychelles

    D. Vanuatu

    ANSWER: C. Seychelles

    Q4. Name the person appointed as the new chairman of Childrens Film Society of India?

    A. Amole Gupte

    B. Amitabh Bachchan

    C. Anil Kapoor

    D. Mukesh Khanna

    ANSWER: D. Mukesh Khanna

    Q5. Name the country that won the Womens World Team Chess Championship 2015 held in China?

    A. Georgia

    B. Russia

    C. China

    D. Japan

  • ANSWER: A. Georgia

    Q6. Name the Indian who won the Whitley Award 2015 for using innovative communication systems to enable human-elephant coexistence in southern India?

    A. Dr. Pramod Patil

    B. Dr. Nagesh Kunoor

    C. Dr. Ananda Kumar

    D. None of these

    ANSWER: C. Dr. Ananda Kumar

    Q7. Name the Indian who won the Whitley Award 2015 for his work to protect the iconic Great Indian Bustard in the Thar Desert?

    A. Dr. Yash Kumar

    B. Dr. Pramod Patil

    C. Dr. Ananda Kumar

    D. None of these

    ANSWER: B. Dr. Pramod Patil

    Q8. Name the new system to access TV viewership that has replaced the 15 year old Television Audience Measurement (TAM)?

    A. Broadcast Audience Recantation Council

    B. Broadcast Advance Research Committee

    C. Broadcast Audience Research Council

    D. Broadcast Advance Renewal Committee

    ANSWER: C. Broadcast Audience Research Council

  • Q9. Name the NASAs spacecraft that ended a four-year mission to Mercury by crashing into Mercury after running out of fuel?

    A. Messenger

    B. Progress 59

    C. Columbia

    D. Mercury Craft

    ANSWER: A. Messenger

    Q10. In which country, up to 5,000 NATO troops would take part in anti-submarine warfare exercises off its coast amid growing regional tension over alleged submarine sightings?

    A. Finland

    B. Norway

    C. France

    D. New Zealand

    ANSWER: B. Norway~~~ Insurances Companies Taglines With Heads ~~~

    1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

    Tagline - Yogakshemam Vahamyaham

    CEO - S.K.Roy

    2. Max Life Insurance Company Limited

    Tagline - Aapke Sachhe Advisor

    CEO - Rajesh Sud

    3. New India Assurance Company Limited

  • Tagline - Indias premier general insurance company

    CEO- G. Srinivasan

    4. SBI Life Insurance Company Limited

    Tagline - With Us, Youre Sure

    CEO- Arijit Basu

    5. United India Insurance Company Limited

    Tagline - Rest Assured with Us

    CEO - Milind A Kharat

    6. Oriental Insurance Company Limited

    Tagline - Prithvi, Agni, Jal, Akash, Sabki Suraksha Hamare Paas

    Chairman - AK Saxena

    7. Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited

    Tagline - Faidey ka Insurance

    Chairman- Gaurang Shah

    8. Max Newyork Life Insurance Company Limited

    Tagline - Karo Zyada ka Iraada

    9. Apollo Munich Health Insurance

    Tagline - We know Healthcare.

    CEO- Anthony Jacob and Chairman- Prathap C Reddy)

    10. Future General Life Insurance

    Tagline - Ek Shagun Zindagi Ke Naam

  • Chairman- G N Bajpai and CEO- Munish Sharda

    11. Aviva India Life Insurance

    Tagline - Kal par Control

    CEO- T R Ramachandaran

    12. Tata AIA Life Insur