French Garden

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  • Eliezer RyanGandes PunjungMitchell EdbertRichard EngelbertTesalonika SimanjuntakFRENCH GARDEN

  • Prinsip - prinsip1. Memiliki central axis

    Central axis biasanya berupa: Air Mancur, Pohon Besar, Palace of Versailles

  • Titik fokus biasanya berupa: rumah, istana, kastil

    Prinsip - prinsip2. Memiliki fokus (mengarahkan pada tujuan)

  • Prinsip - prinsip3. Memiliki sifat simetrisTitik fokus biasanya berupa: rumah, istana, kastil

  • Prinsip - prinsip4. Air : elemen penting dalam French GardenBerupa kolam / air mancur berbentuk melingkar / persegi.Berperan sebagai penguat sifat simetris & simbol ketenangan

  • Prinsip - prinsip5. Pemandangan pada titik akhir tidak terhalangPalace of VersaillesKetika mendekati titik akhir, pohon-pohon & taman akan semakin mengecil untuk memperluas jarak pandang terhadap titik akhir tujuan (rumah/istana)


  • Vaux-le-VicomteParis/FranceDemonstration of wealth and power (over nature and over men )Owner : Nicholas Fouquet 1,200-acre park Andr Le Ntre

  • a formal garden that remained the same throughout the seasons, and he achieved this with large, dramatic parterres framed with low boxwood hedges, wide pebble alleys, statues, fountains, basins, grottoes, and a canal

  • Axis, Nodes, and Edge

    Clear and definite edge.Kontras dengan alam disekitarnya. The Axis is Hierarchical (the parterre de broderie, the parterre (de gazon), and the bosquet ).Main Axis to suggest infinity.4 titik node, yang dihubungkan oleh axis linear.

  • Dari ketinggian tangga di bangunan, terlihat bentang site yang sangat lebar dan megahWealth and Power

  • Anamorphosis Abscondita/Hidden distortionSymmetry, scale, and perspective were used to create a sweeping view from the chteau that makes the garden appear longer and larger than it actually is. The anamorphosis abscondita creates visual effects which are not encountered in nature, making the spectacle of gardens designed in this way extremely unusual to the viewer (who experiences a tension between the natural perspective cues in his peripheral vision and the forced perspective of the formal garden).