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Good Business Letter 規範的商業書信. Reference: International Business Correspondence For All Occasions (Macmillan). General Guidelines -1. Be clear, brief and businesslike . Don’t write confused, overlong or pointless letters. Be polite, friendly and informal . Don’t be rude or patronizing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Business Letter

Good Business LetterReference: International Business Correspondence For All Occasions (Macmillan)General Guidelines -1Be clear, brief and businesslike.Dont write confused, overlong or pointless letters.Be polite, friendly and informal.Dont be rude or patronizing.General Guidelines -2Write concise and purposeful letter.Dont try to write in a literary style.Write to communicate.Dont try to impress with your writing.Keep your letters:Organizing lettersfollow the same patter, making clearLetter Style -1Three popular styles used in business correspondence:full-blocked stylesemi-blocked stylemodified blocked style

Letter Style the appearance of the letter

Full BlockSemi-Block1.1 position of dateline2. indented first line of the paragraph1.2 complimentary closing and signature in the middle of the pageLetter Stylethe modified-blocked styleThis style is the combination of the full-blocked and semi-blocked styles.The only difference is that the opening line of each paragraph is not indented.

Basic parts of a letterLetterheadDateInside Address /Addressers addressSalutationBody of the letterComplimentary ClosingSignature


(1) Date (2) Inside Address(3) Salutation(4) Body(5) Complimentary Close(6) SignatureP.S. Please check out our Christmas seleciton at (7) Enclosure NotationEnclosureEnc.Encl.Attachment1 Enc.Enc. (1)3 Encs.Attachment:3Enc.(8) PostscriptP.S. PS. PS6Basic parts of the letterExercise 1.1What are the seven basic parts of a business letter?How do you write the following dates in English?0102105State the differences among the three letter styles: full-blocked style,