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Guia Captain Tsubasa (Ingles)


2~. ControlsAs many other games, this one features a slightly different control schemeinside and outside of the matches.Outside of the matches or, even better, in the menus, your controls are:Directional Keys - move up, right, down or left in the optionsSTART - used only to enter the main menuSELECT - not usedTRIANGLE - not usedSQUARE - confirms an optionCIRCLE - confirms an optionX - goes back, after making any kind of selectionL1 - not usedL2 - not usedL3 (left analog stick) - move up, right, down or left in the optionsR1 - not usedR2 - not usedR3 (right analog stick) - not usedHowever, when in the middle of the matches, the controls turn out beingslightly different:Directional Keys - moves your captain up, right, down or leftSTART - pauses the match, but can't be used in the middle of cutscenesSELECT - not usedTRIANGLE - if another player from your team currently has the ball, thiskey requests them to pass it to your captain. If you hold itwhile the opponent has the ball, your captain will move intheir directionSQUARE - if you don't have the ball, makes your captain perform a tackleCIRCLE - opens up a menu (if your captain or another player of your teamhas the ball) and confirms options in thereX - used to run faster, either if you have the ball or notL1 - uses a small jump to the leftL2 - not usedL3 (left analog stick) - moves your current captain up, right, down orleftR1 - uses a small jump to the rightR2 - not usedR3 (right analog stick) - moves your entire team (minus the captain andthe goalkeeper) up, right, down or left . Youwill see a small icon on top of the player'sheads when doing so.Besides these controls, there are also some other things that you may needto have in mind when controlling your character, most specifically duringthe matches.Looking at the upper corners of the screen, you will not only see somesmall icons in there but also two bars. The icons show what kind ofactions a certain player can perform at each given time, and if you wantto perform them, just enter the menu (see the controls stated above) anddo it.As for the bars, they flash when totally filled and you can obviously seethat each of them can be split up into 3 different sections. Depending inthe current status of those bars, the shots that your characters can usewill be different, for example, you need all 3 levels (and all the bars)to be filled in order to use Tsubasa and Hyuga's Twin Shot, butsignificantely less to use Hyuga's Tiger Shot, or Tsubasa's Drive Shot.Now, you may be wondering what to do in order to fill such bar; it iseasy, you just need to confront players (keep on reading and you'llunderstand it), defend shots or perform tackles, and eventually you willsee your bar filling up.Besides, there's the detail of "confronting players". Sort of like whathappened in the (awful, I gotta say) "Captain Tsubasa J" for the olderSuper Famicom console, several events occur during the matches, whenplayers (even if they are important ones or not, but you can change thiskind of thing in the in-game options available from the main menu) faceeach other. In such cases, each player will be able to press 3 differentkeys, which you should try press in the exact moment where the circle,seen in the lower part of the screen, becomes yellow. If done at thecorrect moment, your category will be better (be aware that you may have"Critical", "Smash", "Good" and "Bad", here stated in decreasing order)and your opponent's bar will become shorter (or even shatter, granting youa quick win). At the end, if your bar is longer than your opponent's, youwin the duel. In case they are the same, the ball will just be thrown awayfor a while.Shooting the ball (or defending from a shoot) is done in the exact sameway, with simply requiring you to follow some schemes.In case you're defending with your goalkeeper, try to follow the very samekeys that your opponent pressed, which will cause a small cutscene andimprove his overall abilities. For example, in the case of the amazingWakabayashi, he will show his "S.G.G.K." skills and become even stronger.By following such sequences you will lower the power of the opponent'sshots, with "0000" (or, merely, 0) being required to fully capture a balland lower values (i.e. the ones where the numbers turn red) making itpossible to punch the ball away.However, if you are shooting at your opponent's goals, there are somesequences that you may follow, which depend on whatever shot you wereusing (all posibilities will be shown in the "Special Moves" section ofthis very same guide). By doing so, you will turn that very same move intoan Hyper Shot, a special ability that slightly increases the move's powerand which, eventually, turns out being very important later in the game.Finally, there's the point of the categories of your moves. Depending onhow good you follow each task, many things may happen, but the mostimportant one appears with the shots: if you score more than one "Bad",the ball will either hit the post of just plain leave the field, whichisn't very good, as you may suppose.That's all for this section, I guess...3~. Main MenuIn the main menu, you will find the following options:^Story ModeCustom Story Mode1P Versus CPU Mode1P Versus 2P ModeCPU versus CPU ModeAll Star EditMy CaptainOptionsvAs you may see, this layout is really easy to understand. However, sinceonly 3 of the options are usually seen in the screen and by pressing up(or down) all the time you'll see the options all over again, it turns outbeing slightly harder for non-japanese readers to understand. So, in caseyou're having troubles with it, enter an option, see which one that is(come on, it isn't that hard, is it?) and then compare it to the listingshown above.More on each mode can be read in the next sections of this guide.3.1~. Story ModeAs usual, this turns out being the game's main mode. After entering it,you will gain access to a list of matches that you can currently face, andin order to unlock the next one (if any) you need to beat your lastavailable one. Between matches, you get to see the storyline taken fromthe actual anime series, depicted using the game's graphics and in highquality. The middle of the matches also feature some interesting events,usually the very same ones that you could see in the series. Most of thetimes you can't choose your team (or the people in there) and your playerswill depend only in the actual storyline.As you may suppose, this will be the mode covered in the "Walkthrough",alongside with the one seen in the next point of the guide.3.2~. Custom Story ModeThis is a mode not initially available, and in order to gain access tothis option you will need to complete the "Story Mode" and then createyour very same captain in the "My Captain" Mode.Here, you will face only the same teams that you previously saw in the"Story Mode", but this time you won't see any new cutscenes or eventsduring the matches. Instead, the captain of your team will be the guy youcreated, and he will learn the main moves of the teams you defeated.I strongly advise you to edit your team before starting each match, sincethe people who created the game just plain exchanged your newly-createdcaptain with Tsubasa. So, you should just put someone (come on, yourteam has a bunch of worthless characters!) out and then put Tsubasa in, ashe generally is a very good help. Besides this small tip, other smallmentions about this mode will be given in each level of the walkthrough.3.3~. 1P Versus CPU ModeThis mode enables you to pick a team, one for your opponent and simplyplay against each other.As soon as you enter the mode, you will see some options in the left sideof the screen, they are:TeamSubstitutionCaptainFormationComplete"Team", when selected and you press LEFT or RIGHT, allows you to changeyour selection to a different team. From the first position and continuingto the right side, the available teams are are Nankatsu, Ohtomo,Azumaichi, Nishikigaoka, Hanawa, Hirado, Furano, Toho, Japan Jr., ItalyJr., Argentina Jr., France Jr., Germany Jr., All Star and, finally,Nankatsu SC."Substitution" allows you to switch the players currently in your team."Captain" can be used to change the current captain of your team."Formation" allows you to change the current scheme for your team."Complete" advances to the next screen.Then, your opponent (which you select later) has to face the very sameoptions. Next, you reach a screen, where the captains of the two teams areseen, and you are given these options:Play TimeExtra Time?PK?BalanceComplete"Play Time" is the option which allows you to set how much time you wannaplay in each part of the match, you can pick 15, 30 or even 35 minutes."Extra Time?" and "PK?" let you choose if you want your match to featureany of those two conditions, if the possibility arises (for example, ifthe teams are tied at the end of the match)."Balance" sort of gives you the option to select the difference of levelsbetween the two teams, with their sum always needing to be 10. However,you can select combinations such as "lv. 9 - lv. 1" or "lv. 5 - lv. 5",apart from some others."Complete", well, allows you to continue.Finally, you get to pick one of the three stadiums available in the game,the one where you will face your opponent.In case you're wondering, no, this mode does not allow you to play withyour entire team, and you can only play with your captain, as usual.3.4~. 1P Versus 2P ModeThis mode enables you to pick two team, requires two controllers, andallows you and a friend to play against each other.As soon as you enter the mode, you will see some options in the left andright sides of the screen, they are:TeamSubstitutionCaptainFormationComplete"Team", when selected and you press LEFT or RIGHT, allows you to changeyour selection to a different team. From the first position and continuingto the right side, the available teams are are Nankatsu, Ohtomo,Azumaichi, Nishikigaoka, Hanawa, Hirado, Furano, Toho, Japan Jr., ItalyJr., Argentina Jr.