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Internet of Things (IoT) dan tantangan ke depan Dr.Eng., Ir. Adha Imam Cahyadi, ST., M.Eng., IPM Ketua Prodi Sarjana Teknik Elektro Universitas Gadjah Mada Wakil Ketua FORTEI Regional Jateng-DIY Webinar di IIB Darmajaya

Internet of Things (IoT) dan tantangankedepan · Internet of things • Things mean sensors, devices, machines, etcjust like human! Definisiformal IOT • The Internet of things (IoT)

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Text of Internet of Things (IoT) dan tantangankedepan · Internet of things • Things mean sensors,...

  • Internet of Things (IoT) dan tantangan ke depan

    Dr.Eng., Ir. Adha Imam Cahyadi, ST., M.Eng., IPM

    Ketua Prodi Sarjana Teknik Elektro Universitas Gadjah Mada

    Wakil Ketua FORTEI Regional Jateng-DIY

    Webinar di IIB Darmajaya

  • DTETI UGM• 6 Program: 3 Sarjana, 2 Magister, 1 Doktoral

    • ~1200 mahasiswa S1, ~400 mahasiswa Pasca

    • 60+ staf dosen, ~70% Ph.D holders

    • Best Department in publication in UGM 2018-2020

    • Best staffs in publication in UGM

    • Accredited by international bodies• ABET

    • AUN-SAR

  • Program Sarjana TE UGM

    • Berdiri tahun 1963

    • Tahun 2006, Prodi Teknologi Informasi didirikan

    • Mempunyai 1200 mahasiswa Sarjana, 200 mahasiswa Magister dan doktoral

    • Mempunyai 66 staf pengajar dengan sebagian besar berpendidikan doktor

    • Tahun 2016, kurikulum berubah mengikuti OBE

    • Terakreditasi A BAN PT 2018

    • Terakreditasi IABEEE 2018

    • Terakreditasi ABET 2019


  • • 11 dari 32 peneliti UGM berasal dari DTETI (33%)

    • 11 dari 16 peneliti FakultasTeknik berasal dari DTETI (69%)

  • Revolusi Industri (RI)

    Wikipedia, 2016

  • RI4: cyber-physical systems

    • And now we enter Industry 4.0, in which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way, with robotics connected remotely to computer systems equipped with machine learning algorithms that can learn and control the robotics with very little input from human operators (Bernard Marr, Forbes 2016).

    • Visi Pemerintah Jerman tahun 2006 tentang integrated industry• Konsep Industri 4.0:

    • Interoperability: -> Connect via IoT• Information transparency: -> share the information for immediate decision• Technical assistance: -> support from cyber physical systems• Decentralized decisions: decisions in low-medium level from cyber physical systems

    • Lebih kepada communication and connectivity dan bukan ke teknologi

  • https://preparingforgre.com

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated profound changes across

    the globe, accelerating the shift towards digital transformation

    and radically impacting workflows. Industry 4.0 is necessary! John

    Robinson - Strategic Client Advisor, Digital Supply Chain at SAP

  • Let’s talk about IoT

  • Camera


    GPS sensors PPG/Blood monitoring

    Voltage/current/battery management

    Finger print/vein sensors

    Others: temperature, humidity, light etc

    Your smart phone has so many sensors!

  • Social networks: People to people

  • How about to connect not only people to people?

    • Sensors to sensors?

    • Devices to devices?

    • Machines to machines?

    • How can they talk each other like human?

    • Here comes IOT……

    Internet of things

    • Things mean sensors, devices, machines, etc just like human!

  • Definisi formal IOT

    • The Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computingdevices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a networkwithout requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. (Wikipedia, 2020)

  • IoT VS not-IoT• Things: human, animal, machine etc• Interrelation: equipped with sensor with communication abilities

    Not IoT

  • Contoh IoT: smart home

    • Available on market

  • Contoh IOT: transportasi

    • Safety

    • Vehicle health

    • Smart public transport

    • Toll billing

    • Supply chain management

    • Warehouse management

    • Fleet/cargo/ship management

  • Contoh IOT: Industrial IOT (IIoT)

    • The potential for growth from implementing IIoT may generate $12 trillion of global GDP by 2030

    • Wide range of industry:• Manufacture• Oil and gas• Agriculture• Services• Infrastructure

    • Supply chain efficiency

    • Predictive manufacturing

  • Smart Agriculture

  • Contoh IOT: Smart Cities

    • Songdo, South Korea, fully equipped, wired, and automated, with little or no human intervention.

    • Santander, Spain people use smartphone app connected to 10,000 sensors that enable services like parking search, environmental monitoring, digital city agenda, and more.

    • Efficiency, energy management, traffic managemen, smart parking, etc

  • IoT + Others

    • IoT + Others = better (possibly the best)

    • Biasanya IoT tidak berdiri sendiri tetapibergabung menjadi system yang besar

    • IoT+Big Data&Analytics• IoT+ AI• IoT+ Additive manufacturing• IoT + Cloud computing• etc

  • IBM Watson vs human champion

    • IBM Watson adapt natural language processing part of DeepQA project

    • Learned million of words through encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, newswire articles and literary works

    • It might not be IoT but now Watson dealing with IoT!

  • Watson at this moment

    • He moves to hospitals as healthcare worker

    • He can learn medicaltextbooks faster than human

    • IBM's Watson is better at diagnosing cancer than human doctors (90% va 50%)

  • IoT+Big Data+Artificial Intelligence= good?

    - Prof Hawking said that AI could be future threat if not wisely controlled

    - Listen to what Sophia said!- Which one is better?:

    - Skilled doctor vs IBM Watson

    - Chess player vs Computer- Human officer vs AI based

    Camera- Human soldier vs Robotic


  • IOT Protocols: Publish-subscribe

    • MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)

    • AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol)

    • DDS (Data Distribution Service),

  • IOT Protocols: request-reply

    • XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)

    • CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol).

  • Future IoT

    • The number of IoT devices increased 31% yearly from 8.4 billion (2017) to 30 billion devices in 2020.

    • The global market value of IoT is $7.1 trillion in 2020. (Wikipedia, 2020)

  • Tantangan IOT di masa depan

    • IOT secara teknologi mudah dipelajari tapi perkembangannyasangat cepat Moore’s Law

    • Rata-rata hanya perlu 3 bulan untuk belajar dari nol• Learning by doing

    • Mustahil untuk mempelajari dan menguasai semuanya• Diperlukan dasar-dasar pengetahuan untuk mempelajari, bukan

    belajar teknologinya

    • Mempunyai potensi bahaya, pelanggaran privacy dan keamanan• Menambah device=efisiensi tapi mengurangi tenaga kerja

  • Challenges in RI 4.0

    • Nature of jobs: Jobs would be replaced by advanced robots with intelligence at extremely fast influence

    • Innovation at faster pace: • Digital currency: bitcoin, block chain, etc driven by information and data• Skills: Artificial intelligence, Big data and analytics, IoT, 3D Printings

    WEF Global Agenda Council on Future of Software & Society Survey Report: Deep Shift 21 Ways Software will Transform Global Society (Nov 2015)

  • Konsep kurikulum Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik

    • Job are replaced by robot and autonomy with AI at faster pace • Classical approaches would lead to failure• Menyiapkan lulusan siap kerja menjadi tidak relevan

    • Impossible to get one that fits all!• Perlu Lulusan dengan kharakter pembelajar sepanjang hayat

    • Must have subjects: AI, ML, Strong foundation in math and physics• Must have subjects: Social Science, Humanity and Art• Kurikulum tidak menciptakan lulusan yang siap bekerja, tetapi siap

    belajar menghadapi perubahan

  • Strong foundation

    Religion, ideology,

    social sciences

    Digital competency

    and Emerging Skills

    Capstone Design Project

    Ready for long-life learning

    Kurikulum di PS Sarjana DTETI UGM

    Math and basic Science (34 sks)

    Agama kontekstual,Pancasila, Kewirausahaan etc

    AI, ML, IOT, Analytics

    We learnt formABET

    Core Subjects

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