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Introduce Myself. 現職 康寧大學學習暨教學資源中心代理主任 學歷 國立中央大學網路學習科技研究所 國立高雄師範大學資訊教育研究所 經歷 國小代課教師 大專兼任講師 國立中央大學學習科技研究中心博士後研究員 國立台灣師範大學邁向頂尖大學辦公室 博士後研究員. The two functions of social interaction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Introduce Myself

  • Introduce Myself

  • The two functions of social interaction

    Kreijns, K., Kirschner, P.A., Jochems, W. (2003). Identifying the pitfalls for social interaction in computer-supported collaborative learning environments: a review of the research. Computers in Human Behavior, 19 (3), 335353.

  • MSN Agent

    Hwang, W. Y., Huang, Y. M.*, & Wu, S. Y. (2011).The Effect of an MSN Agent on Learning Community and Achievement. Interactive Learning Environments, 19(4),413-432. (SSCI)

  • Collaboration with Multi-robotsWe examined their collaborative strategies and their behavioral interactions.6 grade elementary school students16 groups, each with three students

  • Lag Sequential AnalysisBakeman, R. (1986). Observing interaction : an introduction to sequential analysis. New York: Cambridge University Press.Lag sequential analysis is the examination of whether particular sequences of behavior occur more or less frequently than would be expected by chance.It could examine the sequence that a particular target event would occur subsequent to a given event having already occurred.

  • LSA ProcedureBuilding coding schemaData collectionObservationSystem logsData analysisFrequency of Behaviors Conditional Probability CalculationExpected frequencies Z-Score Calculation Z-SCOREDraw Transitional Diagram

  • Interaction analysis model (IAM)Gunawardena, Lowe, and Andersons (1997)C1Sharing/comparing of information C2Discovery and exploration of dissonance or inconsistency among participantsC3Negotiation of meaning/co-construction of knowledge/C4Testing and modification of proposed synthesis or co-constructionC5Agreement statement(s)/application of newly constructed meaning/C6Off-topic

  • The Cognitive Processing Dimension of the Revised Blooms TaxonomyAnderson et al. (2001, 2006)B1 RememberB2 UnderstandB3 ApplyB4 AnalyzeB5 EvaluateB6 CreateB7 Off-topic

  • Online synchronous collaborative discussion40 university studentsWeb DesignWhole semesterOnline synchronous IM tools

  • Synchronous Peer Assessment Discussion ActivityBC (Remember, Understand, Apply) AC (Analyze, Evaluate, Create) OT (Off-Topic)

    all students high-quality group low-quality groups

    Wu, S. Y., Hou*, H. T., & Hwang, W. Y. (2012). Exploring Students Cognitive Dimensions and Behavioral Patterns during a Synchronous Peer Assessment Discussion Activity Using Instant Messaging. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 21(3), 442-453. (SSCI)

  • The Influences of Social Self-efficacy on Social Trust and Social Capital - A Case Study of FacebookOnline-questionnaire surveyAccessing Facebook for at least 3 months415 valid samples152 males (36.5%) and 263 females (63.2 %)

    Wu, S. Y., Wang, S. T., Liu*, E. Z. F., Hu, D. C., & Hwang, W. Y. (2012). The Influences of Social Self-efficacy on Social Trust and Social Capital - A Case Study of Facebook. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 11(2), 246-254. (SSCI)

  • ONE-TO-ONE TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED LEARNING:AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GLOBAL RESEARCHCOLLABORATIONT.-W. Chan et al. +16Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced LearningVol. 1, No. 1 (2006) 329seamless learning spacesSeamless learning implies that a student can learn whenever they are curious in a variety of scenarios and that they can switch from one scenario to another easily and quickly using the personal device as a mediator.

  • Seamless Online Learning Integrated DiscussionSOLID

  • System framework

  • The problem solving-based discussion activity (AT1)The project-based discussion activity (AT2)The advanced project-based discussion activity (AT3)

    Study 1 (AT1/AT2)Study 2(AT3)Number41 students49 studentsGroup9 groups of 4 to 5 people 10 groups of 5 to 6 people MajorInfant and Child CareTeacher Education CenterCourse nameProduction and Application of Instructional MediaOperation of Instructional Media

  • Collaborative Concept Mapping System (CCMS)

  • Research FrmeworkMSN AgentY /N()off-topicRobot

  • Summary

  • Lag sequential AnalysisSocial network analysis

    Educational data miningQ methodology

  • ****

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