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By Alex, Zoe & Klaudija Week 4. 03/01/11

Jeremy Kyle

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  • 1. By Alex, Zoe & Klaudija
    Week 4. 03/01/11

2. Thank God my life is normal
3. Topics
Looking at the role of stereotypes, class and gender as hegemonic views, and how these are reinforced throughout an episode of Jeremy Kyle
Critique of this weeks reading
Addressing the following questions:
How does the dominant ideology get maintained within this programme?
Who or what is to blame for the contestants problems according to Kyle?
4. Origins of The Jeremy Kyle Show
The Jeremy Kyle Show began on ITV in July 2005
The programme attracts more than 1.5 million viewers each morning at 9:25 - 10:30. (whos watching?)
Over half the guests that come onto The Jeremy Kyle Show want a Lie Detector test.
Jeremy Kyle presents a confrontational talk show in which guests thrash out their conflicts, dilemmas & relationship issues in front of a studio audience
5. The Jeremy Kyle Show - Clip
6. Ideology
Jeremy Kyles view is represented as the dominant one, his reading is taken as the consensus view.
Patriarchal domination .
The ideas of the ruling class are, in every age, the ruling ideas Marx & Engels (1974)
Ideologies The importance of honesty, family and recognising responsibility.
7. Beautiful women have easier, more fulfilled lives than other peopleGilda Carle, All Talk
Feminist Ideology
It is not the guests but the viewers who are morally questionable
Who is to blame for these shows?
Self-made freaks
Choice is offered, but the choices are not ones of substance, and the hope is that we will not notice that the offered choices are no choices at all.
8. Television often succeeds at making real people vanish into stereotypes, at positing real audiences as demographics at best, mindless consumers at worstElizabeth Birmingham, Fearing the Freak
not fitting cultural definitions of attractive, which diminish a speakers credibility, particularly when the alternative sanctioned story is narrated by an attractive expert in a suit
stereotypesare consistently rearticulated from 9-5 everyday
Gramsci and Lived cultures
The chav, the binge drinking teen, the single mum etc
Articulated value system
9. Final Note
What are your personal thoughts of watching trash TV talk shows? Does it impact your life in anyway?
Who is more morally questionable, the guests, the viewers or the producers? Or is it simply good entertainment?