LED Driver IC: Market Review and Forecast 2011 - IC TOC _2_.LED Driver IC: Market Review and Forecast 2011 ... Phone: (650) 946-3163 ... LED DRIVER IC: MARKET REVIEW AND FORECAST - 2011

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  • LED Driver IC: Market Review and Forecast


    June 2011

    Strategies Unlimited 201 San Antonio Circle, Suite 225 Mountain View, California 94040

    Phone: (650) 946-3163 e-mail: info@strategies-u.com


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  • LED DRIVER IC: MARKET REVIEW AND FORECAST - 2011 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Methodology 2.1. General Methodology 2.2. Inventories 2.3. Time Delays Between Layers 2.4. Pricing by Output Power 2.5. Price Forecasting 2.6. General Assumptions and Notes 3. LED Driver Technology 3.1. LED Electronics 3.2. Drivers for Light Sources 3.3. LED Electronics Requirements 3.4. Types of LED Power Supplies 3.5. LEDs and Series-Parallel Design 3.6. Buck and Boost Driver Circuits 3.7. LED Driver ICs 3.8. AC Efficiency and Power Factor 3.9. Dimming and PWM 4. Mobile Appliances 4.1. General Comments 4.2. Mobile Phone Handsets 4.3. Other Small-Screen Mobile Appliances 4.4. Mid-Size Screen Mobile Appliances 4.5. Portable Computers 4.6. Forecast of Driver ICs for Mobile Appliances 5. TVs and Monitors 5.1. General Comments 5.2. LCD Television and Monitors 5.3. LED Driver ICs for TVs and Monitors 5.4. Forecast of Driver ICs for TVs and Monitors 6. Projection Displays 5.1. General Comments 5.2. Rear-Projection TVs 5.3. Large Front-Projection Displays 5.4. Portable and Pocket Projectors 5.5. LED Driver ICs for Projection Displays 5.6. Forecast of Driver ICs for Projection Displays


  • 7. Illumination 7.1. General Comments 7.2. Early Niche Lighting Applications 7.3. General Lighting 7.4. LED Driver ICs for Illumination 7.5. Forecast of Driver ICs for Illumination 8. Vehicle Lighting 8.1. General Comments 8.2. Automotive Interior Lighting 8.3. Automotive Exterior Lighting 8.4. Automotive Forward Lighting 8.5. Truck and Bus Exterior Lighting 8.6. Emergency Vehicle Lighting 8.7. LED Driver ICs for Vehicle Lighting 8.8. Forecast of Driver ICs for Vehicle Lighting 9. Signs 9.1. General Comments 9.2. Discrete Color Variable Message Signs 9.3. Full Color Signs and Screens 9.4. LED Driver ICs for Signs 9.5. Forecast of Driver ICs for Signs 10. Signals 10.1. General Comments 10.2. LED Signal Markets 10.3. LED Driver ICs for Signals 10.4. Forecast of Driver ICs for Signals 11. HB-LED Driver IC Suppliers 11.1. LED Driver IC Market Share 11.2. LED Driver IC Market Structure 11.3. List of Key LED Driver IC Suppliers