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Millennial B.A.S.E.C.A.M.P.

2016 Idea Share

Chris CielewichSVP & GM of Independent Pharmacy, FLAVORx

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Twitter: @ccielewich5

Be a Blog ExpertContent is King

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These shoes

Chris Cielewich (CC) -

Be AdaptiveEmbrace Social Media

Be StrategicStop, Collaborate, & Listen

Be EngagingStop, Collaborate, & Listen

Be Convenient

Be ActiveGet involved in the Community

Be MemorableReinvent the Treasure Chest

Be Profitable

Lifetime Value of a Customer = avg $ spent X # visits per yr X # of years

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

How much does it cost to acquire a new patient?How much does it cost to retain that patient?How much would it cost if we lost that patient?