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FINAL REPORT – DECEMBER 2011 MOVIE THEATERS Project Team Project Team Stephanie Diamond Stephanie Diamond Yana Grabovska Yana Grabovska Anna Rodionova Anna Rodionova Math 110 Brought to life with Addressable Minds

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  • 1. Math 110 Brought to life with Addressable MindsFINAL REPORT DECEMBER 2011 MOVIE THEATERS Project TeamStephanie DiamondYana GrabovskaAnna Rodionova

2. Topics The problem is that there are not enough peoplegoing to movie theaters. Addressable Minds what is it, and how it works Review the study process and the results andconclusions 20112 3. The Empty Movie Theater Issue There is an increased number of movie lovers usingcable TV, DVDs, internet, etc. to watch films But.there are fewer people actually going to movietheaters The movie theaters marketing and advertisingcompany needs to know what to say & how to say it toincrease business. 2011 3 4. About Addressable Minds Addressable Minds is a scientific, actionable form of predictive consumerintelligence for business and social issues accurately defining consumerattitudes and preferences both stated and unstated. It has been described by Malcolm Gladwell and others as discovering theDNA of the Consumers Mind. This patented science created by Dr. Howard Moskowitz, author of SellingBlue Elephants (Wharton Press) and the Wharton Business School hasachieved critical acclaim and financial success across: product design and development, consumer messaging, more effective consumer engagement physically and digitally. 2011 4 5. Dr. Howard Moskowitz.Addressable Minds Inventor, honored by the scientific community,... s the Chairman of iNovum, a graduate of Queens College and holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from HarvardUniversity. on two of the most prestigious awards in market research 005 Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award The Nobel Prize of Market Research, received only by the pioneers of market research. Recipients include Arthur Nielsen, George Gallup, Michael Porter, David Ogilvy and Philip Kotler. 010 Walston Chubb Award for Innovation across all sciences, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 20115 6. Addressable MindsCuts across traditional segmentation & detects hidden preferences Behavioral Segmentation- Product Usage- Brand Loyalty- AttitudinalAddressable Minds Psychographic Segmentation- Social Class- Lifestyle Type- Personality Type Demographic Segmentation- Age- Gender- Income 20116 7. Create Addressable Minds messaging for movie theater advertisementIDENTIFY TARGET MARKET DEVELOP SURVEY QUESTIONS 10 15 minutes INTERNET SUY SURVEY IdeaMapPotential movie viewers ANALYZED SURVEY RESULTS Addressable Minds MARKET SEGMENTATION MARKETING PHRASES SEGMENTATION WIZARDTotal Seg 1 SelfSeg 2 Seg 3 Seg 4 PersonalSample Driven OnlineTechnology/ Collaborative Touch withBankingHigh Security Online SeekersTechnologySeekers SeekersBase Size:(267)(105)(50) (59) (53) Constant: 31 3428 31 26 Online Collaborative OC1 Connect online in real time with a customer rep via instant messaging, voice over IP or video conferencing via your computer02 25 -13 OC3 Faster loan application processwork in real time online with a loan officer00 -812-8 No more paper mail we will send you copies of statements by secure e-mail OC4 Our banks customer service reps will help you browse and use our online banking services-10 -610 -10 OC2 Use our online tool to find and schedule at your convenience an online working session with an expert such as investment broker, insurance agent, and/or loan officer -31-11 6 -12Securely manage your account by PDA, Internet of automated telephone Online Other ON3 We will answer all your requests in real time by email, instant or text messaging17-11 3-1 ON4 We offer On demand status reports for services requests (e.g., Our banks customer services reps will help browse & use our on-line services loan application) delivered to you via e-mail, text or instant16 -4 -3 0 ON2 messaging No more paper mail... W e will send you statements and images of transactions securely by email -25-17 -5 2 ON1 We allow you to pay bills securely using your mobile devices (cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, etc.)-42-13 -9 -2 Manage all your banking needs with a state of the art kiosk and be confident In-Branch Recognition that live help is available if you need it BR3 We offer a bank-issued smart card so we can recognize you entering the branch and process your needs faster 42 6-313 BR4 Choose a secure eye or finger security scan to identify you immediately in-branch and at ATM4310-1 3 BR2 We have the most secure biometric system that identifies you as you enter the branch so we can process your needs faster2-18-5 6 BR1 We will recognize our customers mobile phone signal when entering a branch so we can recommend appropriate bank products, promotions and special services-4-3-6-11 2 201177 8. Addressable Minds underlying science uses standard Science and Mathematics IDENTIFY TARGET MARKETDEVELOP SURVEY QUESTIONS INTERNETSUYSURVEY IdeaMap Potential movieviewersExperimental Design Stimulus/ResponseANALYZED SURVEY RESULTS Addressable Minds Ordinary Least SquaresDiscriminant FunctionConjoint analysis RegressionAnalysis 2011 8 8 9. A Survey Was Performed by the Team in thearea of movie theaters To serve as a learning vehicle for the applicationAddressable Minds to a practical business orsocial issue Sufficient to show the power of the method 201199 10. SURVEY OVERVIEW (1 of 2) An Addressable Minds Survey is a survey of key ideas for movietheaters advertising to customers Survey conducted on November 6, 2011 : Population Ages 18 and over of Males/Females across the US The team created key marketing and advertising messagingwith the intent to entice the survey taker to go to movietheaters 2011 10 10 11. SURVEY OVERVIEW (2 of 2) 50 individuals responded Assess two major aspects of messages Does it convince a customer to buy movie tickets? How does it make the customer feel? Data reveals the mind-sets of respondents across the UnitedStates, as well as what works, what doesnt 20111111 12. The Survey begins with an orientation screen 201112 12 13. Each respondent evaluates 48 unique combinations of elements First on overall interest 201113 13 14. Then selects a single emotion 20111414 15. What convinces?What drives feelings? 2011 15 16. Total Panel Interested in good prices and comfort, not interested incleanliness.1) How likely are you to go to this movie theater based on this information? Sorted by Total 1234 5 678 9Sample Sorted by Total Sample : Highlighted >+9 winners & +9 winners & +9 winners & +9 winners & +9 winners &