On the Controversies of the Origin & End of the Universe

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A reflection over the current models of the the origins & ends of the universe & a discussion towards a prospective information theory of cosmology.

Text of On the Controversies of the Origin & End of the Universe

  • 1. On the Controversies of theOrigin & End of the UniverseAn Attempt at a Synthesis Philorum 2012

2. Definition Controversy is a state of prolonged publicdispute or debate, usually concerning amatter of opinion. The word was coined fromthe Latin controversia, as a composite ofcontroversus "turned in an oppositedirection," from contra "against" andvertere to turn, or versus (see verse), hence,"to turn against." 3. Perceived Expanding UniverseXZ Y 4. Speculative Collapsing UniverseXZY 5. Oscillating Universe?Is the history ofthe Universejust a repeatingcycle? 6. Controversies If the universe came How can we assume afrom nothing, thenbig crunch whennothing exists ANDobservational dataeverything does not reveals an expandingexist.universe at an If the universe cameaccelerating rate?from something, what is Entropy: will thethat something & from universe dissolve itselfwhere did it come?out of existence &return to its origins ofnothing? 7. Challenge Superstition & politics Science & mathematicshinges on faith andhinges on laws that areassumptions to acceptconsistent regardless orcontroversies as changes ingivens assumptions Ex. There will always be Ex. Traffic lawstraffic accidentsaccommodate humanbecause of human flaws flaw & preventwhich justifiesaccidents & achieveoutcomes (FATE)results (PURPOSE) 8. Structure/Process/RelationshipsContext of Maths Context of Science Number Data Symbol Systems Postulates Laws Context of Story-Telling Setting Plot Principles 9. Cosmology: History of Controversy Aristotle & Empiricism Newton & Gravity Einstein & Theory of Relativity Maxwell & Electromagnetic Theory Bohr & Quantum Physics Eternal Inflation-Dark Energy-String Theory 10. W-Map of the universew 11. Alpha Point? Space Time Big Bang 12. Omega Point?Great TearORBigCrunch? 13. Before the Big Bang? MicroMacro Electro 14. Catastrophe & Chaos Bifurcation occurs when a small smooth changemade to the parameter values (the bifurcationparameters) of a system causes a suddenqualitative or topological change in its behaviour 15. Big BifurcationElectromagneticsNewtonianPhysics Microverse MacroverseRelativity Quantum Mechanics 16. Within & Between Systems Local bifurcations, Global bifurcations,which can be analysed which often occur whenentirely throughlarger invariant sets ofchanges in the localthe system collide withstability properties of each other, or withequilibria, periodicequilibria of the system.orbits or other invariant They cannot besets as parametersdetected purely by across through criticalstability analysis of thethresholds; and equilibria (fixed points). 17. Quick Two Dimensional Illustration 18. 3-D Graphical Illustration 19. Chaos Between Orders 20. Animated IllustrationOne system interactingwith another system bitboth indepenendent. Kind of reminds me of Hegelian dialectic 21. Time-Space can warp into a tunnel 22. Or slip like a conveyor belt 23. Or Drop Through the Fold 24. Compatible? Big Bang & the Higgs Bifurcating Universe &Boson/God Particle Catastrophe Theory Oscillating Universe Big Tear Quantum Mechanics vs Chaos & CatastropheRelativity Theories Time Travel Fractal Geometry Multiverses Realm of Possibilities & the Next Dimension 25. Not an End but the Next StageRelativityImaginaryNewtonianNumbersPhysics New MathsElectromagneticsQuantumMechanics EnergyTheory of NeutrinosEverything?Quarks Strings TimeSpaceAnti-MatterMatter Big BangBig Tear 26. Hierarchical Cosmology FractalGeometry Macroverse Microverse Entroverse Bifurcation Points 27. Multi Universes or Dimensions ? 28. Perspective from the Entroverse? 29. Possibility as the 5 Dimension th Spime The now in between cones ofinfinite spimes 30. Changing the PastSpimeSound ofThunderBA C The now inbetween cones of infinite spimes 31. Changing the FutureB Back to the AFuture IIC 32. Changing the Past AND Future SpockB AC 33. Another Perspective A God Particle Tipping Points Big Bang Great Bifurcation Big Crunch Big Tear Multiverse Multiple Dimensions Chaos Theory Catastrophe TheoryFractal Geometry 34. Paradigm Shift?Universes we compute forare real; first in our headReflectionthen when applied in ourexternal reality Cognition At this point, physicalSentiencescience has a lot in common with the social sciences Life InformationMatterTheory ofSEnergy? 35. Telling the Story Getting stuck with the map of myth & legend The story of a possibility out of infinity Studying history to chart the future Caveat: Dr. Frankenstein Syndrome Remain accountable