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  • 1. PERSONALITY PLANNINGPlanning Past Demographics

2. What is Personality Planning? Using psychological principals from the world of academics, personality assessmentsare integrated into your study to determine the types of behaviors that are mostconsistent for each individual. Each assessment measures traits such as independence, extraversion, emotionalstability, agreeableness and more. This approach allows our clients the maximum context surrounding the results of a study. For example, 70% of respondents intend to recommend your product Personality can be factored in to determine: The likelihood of the recommendation actually happening The likelihood that the recommendation will be acted upon by others Accounting for the personality profile of your customer allows for a more inspired reachto truly target the intended market.2 3. Before they were customers, they were people The nature of a person cannot be summarized by their age, income, or address yet we rely on these metrics to inform our most critical initiatives.AdoptersDependablesVocalists FollowersPerfectionists Traits are factored to five macro-traits in personality Adopters (originality, open-mindedness) Dependables (orderly, responsible, dependable) Vocalists (talkative, assertive, energetic) Followers (good-natured, cooperative, trustful) Perfectionists (easily upset, nervousness) 3 4. Grocery Shopping The majority of respondents say they will recommend theircurrent grocer to others How likely are you to recommend your CURRENT grocery store to a familymember friend or colleague? 78%79%76%74%74% 72%71%69% 69% 68%64%Total AdoptersDependablesVocalistsFollowers Perfectionists StrongRemaining Population4 Represents statistical significance at 95% 5. Grocery ShoppingThe people who had indicated they were most likely to recommend, are actually least likely to do soThe fact is that we can expect different behaviors from different personality typesHave you EVER RECOMMENDED a grocery store to a family member friend or colleague? 72%71%70%66% 67%67% 66% 65%64% 64%60% Total Adopters Dependables VocalistsFollowers PerfectionistsStrongRemaining Population5Represents statistical significance at 95% 6. Grocery Store Personalities Just as we expect different behaviors from differentpersonalities, different personalities are attracted todifferent brands. We see this carry through regardless of the industry.Adopters (originality, open-mindedness) Perfectionists Dependables (easily upset, nervousness) (orderly, responsible, dependable) Followers Vocalists (good-natured, cooperative, trustful)(talkative, assertive, energetic)Kroger Safeway6 7. Owning Smartphones While smartphone ownership is skyrocketing, Adopters arestill driving that growthDo you own a smartphone?58%44% 45%43% 44% 45% 43% 45%41% 39%39% Total Adopters Dependables VocalistsFollowers PerfectionistsStrongRemaining Population7Represents statistical significance at 95% 8. iPhone Ownership iPhone ownership is more prevalent among PerfectionistsOwn an iPhone 41%30% 31% 31%31% 32%27%26%23%24% 20% Total Adopters DependablesVocalists Followers PerfectionistsStrongRemaining Population8Represents statistical significance at 95% 9. Android Ownership Android ownership is lower among Perfectionists thoughhigher among the Dependables Own an Android65% 61% 58%56%53%51% 49% 48%49% 50% 36% Total Adopters DependablesVocalists Followers PerfectionistsStrongRemaining Population9Represents statistical significance at 95% 10. Smartphone Personalities Both the iPhone and Android appeal to unique personality traits iPhone owners are more easily upset than those owning Android devices and tend to be more vocal Android owners are more cooperative; they tend to be more dependable and structured than those owning iPhone devicesAdopters (originality, open-mindedness) Perfectionists Dependables (easily upset, nervousness) (orderly, responsible, dependable) Followers Vocalists (good-natured, cooperative, trustful)(talkative, assertive, energetic)iPhoneAndroid10 11. Personality Traits Remain Consistent Across Industries Deeper looks into customer personality help inform and scale marketing initiativesAdoptersPerfectionists Dependables Followers Vocalists Facebook Users Posting to Facebook (Check Newsfeed at Least Daily) (Post to Facebook at Least Daily)11 12. Car Insurance Understanding how people behave helps define how best to reach the customer Have you ever recommended a car insurance provider to a friend or family member?57% 52%53%51% 49% 49% 48% 47%45%43%41%Total Adopters Dependables VocalistsFollowers Perfectionists StrongRemaining Population12Represents statistical significance at 95% 13. Car Insurance Personalities Different personalities are attracted to different brands, no matter the industry. Adopters(originality, open-mindedness)Perfectionists Dependables(easily upset, nervousness) (orderly, responsible, dependable)Followers Vocalists(good-natured, cooperative, trustful)(talkative, assertive, energetic)ProgressiveAllState13