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Ian Ruhnke Portfolio 2014-2015

Portfolio Sophomore 2014-2015

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Ian Ruhnke's Studio Portfolio University of Oklahoma

Text of Portfolio Sophomore 2014-2015

  • Ian Ruhnke

    Portfolio 2014-2015

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    Table of ContentsUniversity of OklahomaFreshman Year, 2013-2014First SemesterGrids and Volumes 1.9, p. 3-4Group Project 1.12, p. 5-6

    Second Semester2.3 Tectonic Model, p. 7-82.4 Nightlight, p. 9-102.5 Surface Light, p. 11-12Contour Section Model, p. 13-14Contour Full Model, p. 15-16Altered Contour Model, p. 17-182.6 Contour Light, p. 19-20

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    Sophomore Year, 2014-2015

    First SemesterEames House Precedent Study, p. 21-22

    Artifices and Photography Study, p. 23-24Photographer Studio Space, p. 25-26

    Second SemesterFilm Row Inhabitable Facade and Outdoor Theater, p. 27-32

    Wheeler Park Nature Center, p. 33-38

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    Grids and Volumes 1.9This assignment built on previously developed small scale fabrication and design skills. Two nine square grids were built and then rotated. The subsequent 2D shapes created were then transformed into volumes. The design relied on height and voids for visual emphasis; mainly the suspended grids and the triangular emphasis in the center.

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    Inhabitable Grids and Volumes, 1.12End of semester gallery installation. Four teams of eleven members collaborated on different over-all design and fabrication. The grids were rotat-ed to create the radial composition. Volumes were placed around the perimeter to provide support for the chandelier motif.

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    Tectonic Model 2.3An exercise in skill development for models based on materiality. This project used abstract forms which required considering wood grain, joints, and precision of craft. The theme behind this piece is a puzzle box; specifically focusing on the inter-action between pieces. The disassembled appearance creates interest, while guiding the observer to mentally solve the puzzle.

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    Nightlight 2.4This assignment dealt with more advanced mod-eling possibilities in Rhino 5.0. This night-light cover was subject to 3D printing material constraints and the fulfillment of aesthetic goals. Light was integral to overall design, such as plastic thickness. Grids were placed at regular heights with a gradual increase in ro-tation. The resulting smooth surface was then trimmed with respect to the curves to let out light.

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    Surface Light 2.5An activity that further developed surface model-ing and manipulation of light. This hanging lamp was inspired by square paper lanterns, and then altered into a hexagonal form. To best utilize the lamps position, interior construction was used to create a spotlight effect. Exterior panels were made to reduce bulb glare.

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    Individual Component Diagram

    Contour Section ModelThis model was an exercise to further enhance

    understanding of fabrication, specifically through usage of a laser cutter. The section

    cut emphasized the varying curves changing the height and depth of the lofted canopy design.

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    Generation Diagram

    Section Perspective

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    Exploded Diagram

    Contour Full Model

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    Altered Model Model

  • p. 18

    Altered Model Diagram

    Altered Model Generation Diagram

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    Contour Light 2.6Earlier contouring design process was reused for lampshade project. Original design was geometric with pyramids extruded from the base, like moun-taintops. Arrayed outlines were then manipulated to generate topographical outlines from maps. The lightbulb was placed both to represent a sunset and to minimize glare.

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    Eames House Case Study #8Precedent Study

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    Artifices and Photography StudyPhotographer Studio SpaceThe usage of both the Eames Case Study #8 House and various photographic styles and artifices were examined to generate a residential photographers studio space on a historic site.

  • p. 241 105

    Feet NIan RuhnkeSite Plan with Studio

    Photography Examples

    Site Plan

  • p. 25Feet

    5 101

    South ElevationIan Ruhnke

    North Elevation Feet5 101

    1 105Feet NIan Ruhnke

    First Floor Plan

    1st Floor Plan N and S Elevations

  • p. 26Feet5 101

    Second Floor PlanN

    Ian Ruhnke

    Feet5 101


    Sections through StudioIan Ruhnke

    2nd Floor Plan Sections

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    Biological and Mechanical Precedence StudyVarious types of unorthodox in-spiration, such as carnivorous plants and aerial lift in bird wings, were selected as the basis for a unique facade and structural scheme.

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    Circulation Configuration

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    Site Plan Plans

    Film Row Outdoor TheaterEarlier precedence studies were utilized in the

    permeable elements of this inhabitable facade de-sign, as well as the associated program and aes-

    thetic vision.

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    Hybrid Drawing

    Wall Interior Rendering

    Film Row Outdoor TheaterEarlier precedence studies were utilized in the

    permeable elements of this inhabitable facade de-sign, as well as the associated program and aes-

    thetic vision.

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    Wheeler Park Experiential Mapping and Site AnalysisA location in Oklahoma City, Wheeler park has been selected as the new location for a nature and com-munity center built alongside the riverfront. The defining experiences of the site, such as sound, light, and texture, were utilized in the ideation process.

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    1st and 2nd Floor Plans

  • p. 36

    Sections and Model Images

  • p. 37

    Wheeler Park Nature Center Final Renderings

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