My Portfolio 个人作品集 Siyang Li 李嗣洋

Protfolio of Siyang

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Protfolio of Siyang

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My Portfolio个人作品集

Siyang Li李嗣洋

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First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Li Siyang.I am an undergraduate studying Graphic Design.In 2007, I have myself to become a student of Central Academy of fine Arts in China. In 2009, I entered Studio 7 to study and work with Prof. Xiao Yong. At the same year in October, I became a member in ICOGRADA as a volunteer.During the meeting, I planned the International Design School intercommunion exhibition. In October, I participated in Finland and China established diplomatic relations 60 years logo design competition.









李嗣洋 / Siyang Li E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]中央美术学院设计学院7工作室 / Studio 7, Central Academy of Fine Arts, CAFA

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Visual Communication WorksThe redesign of CDs.

Latin letter redesign.

Redesign of the Quick Guide of Nokia5220.

The text compsition design: "Ancient Horse and Tea Road".

Logo for Sportaccord combat games 2010, Beijing.

Finland and China established diplomatic relations 60 years logo design competition

Book design about "Added Value".

VI design for "Nanluoguxiang".

VI design for the Zhujiang Delta City Railway.

Fine Arts Works and Art Basic Training Works

Sealcutting about my name.

3-D construction

Sketch from nature
















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In the October of 2009, I took part in Icograda as an volunteer and had a chance to interviewing several famous desingers such as Prof. Tapio Vapaasalo from Aalto University, Mr. Sol Sender from the U.S, Mr. Asixo from Korea and the Chinese Educator Mr. Jin Daiqiang.2009年10月以志愿者身份参加Icograda,并且有机会参访了很多著名设计师:芬兰赫尔辛基Aalto大学Tapio Vapaasalo教授,设计师美国设计师Sol Sender,韩国设计教育家安尚秀先生,中国设计师靳埭强先生。

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Cumulusas。During the ICOGRADA, We held the International Design Institution Show. The school in this exhibition, come from 17 countries, most of them are the Cumulusas members.执行ICOGRADA国际设计院校交流展,参展院校来自17个国家和地区,绝大多数来自Cumulusas。

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Visual Communication Works视觉传达作品

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The redesign of CDs. Only using words and the design depends on the song lyric.CD唱片封面以及歌词册的再设计,只使用了文字。根据歌词的感情,进行了编排设计。

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Latin letter redesign: Using Latin letter to 'draw' Chinese character.拉丁文字课程,使用拉丁字母进行拼写汉字。

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Design of the Quick Guide of Nokia5220: According to the unsymmetry of this cellphone, I decide to design the handbook to look like a trapezium. So when it was folded, its shape will look like the mobile telephone.Nokia 5220 手机快读入门指南再设计,根据手机的不对称设计,把手册设计成梯形,折叠之后与手机外形相似,这是这个创意的来源。

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The Text CompsitionDesign:Ancient Horse and Tea Road Because the mountains in Yun Nan are so high and rough when we were on the road, we use jumping characters to express our impression.“茶马古道”文字编排设计由于在我们旅行中,对云南的印象是山高崖险,所以用文字的不稳定性表达文字中的感受。

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Logo for Sportaccord combat games 2010 Beijing, it means 'propriety' and 'fortitude'. 世界武术搏击运动会标志设计,形似抱拳拱手,在中国表示“礼”,又似山,表达坚强。

Finland and China established diplomatic relations 60 years logo design competition中芬建交60周年标志设计比赛作品

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Book Design: Our Subject is "Added Value". We use the surprise errors in printing to do our design, and look as the errors for certain.书籍设计,我们的主题是“附加值”,表达意外获得的效果,并非刻意而为 ,我们利用书籍印刷过程中偶然出现的的裁切错误进行设计,把这个错误做成必然,使之与主题相呼应。

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Book Design: Our Subject is "Added Value". We use the surprise errors in printing to do our design, and look as the errors for certain.“南锣鼓巷”是北京的一条老街,如今已经成为繁华的商业街,这是为它的新形象做的VI设计和设计说明册,设计的灵感了来自于南锣鼓巷还依然保留着元朝时棋盘状的街道模式,南北向为主路,东西向的为辅路。

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Professor Rüdiger Bauer multi-language of text design course, we have chosen "water" as our theme, discussing the relationship between water and city. We focus on the impact of the performance of urban water pollution. We use the fish tank, filled with water, written words in dark ink, words melted away, thus we also created a video about the city and water.吕迪鲍尔教授的多语言环境下的文字设计课程,我们选择“水”这个主题,研究水域与城市之间的关系,我们侧重表现水污染对城市的影响,我们用鱼缸,盛满清水,用墨水在里面书写文字,文字渐渐散开,利用这样的一个过程,我们同时制作了一个关于城市与水的视频。

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Fine Arts Works andArt Basic Training Works


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SealcuttingIt means my name, Li Siyang, and my family name, Li.篆刻(名章)内容是我的名字“李嗣洋印”和我的姓“李”,石材“青田石”。

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3-D construction, it named "the Hug"立体构成训练,主题是“拥抱”。

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Inspiration: CRAB masterpiece of Qi Baishi.I use spray painting to copy it so it effects like Pop.中国画大师齐白石的水墨画“螃蟹”。我使用喷漆来模仿复制这张作品,达到波普的的风格。


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