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    Company OverviewGlobally there is risk in all areas of business - Governmental, Energy (Oil,Mineral & Gas), Security, Aviation and Financial industries to name butsome... the list is endless. Many of these organisations, internationalcompanies or agencies choose to ignore or misinterpret the risk indicators,factors in their business or operations especially in remote or developingregions, due to inaccurate or limited country information or overhead/costreduction.

    In a rapidly changing world, governments and the commercial sector are allvulnerable to significant security, operational or political risks. If potentialrisks to your business, operations or staff are not located by country profilingand correct assessments, the consequences can be severe, your safety andthe safety of your personnel, business assets, information and operationalequipment are of the utmost importance. Risk to your business or operationscan be reduced efficiency and effectively by implementing advancedoperational policies and procedures.

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    Our CapabilitiesRedZone Security Is a private security company with headquarter based inFrance tailored to offer customized, comprehensive solutions to support ourclients in high risk and complex environments across the world.We protect the interests of companies investing and operating abroad and inemerging markets. Our worldwide network, knowledge and experiencereduce the unknown element for our clients, we operates globally with anenhanced level of operations in Risk Countries where the potential threat ishigher. We have the ability and capability to assist our clients during thedifferent phases of their progress when implementing projects fromprospection to final stage.

    RedZone Security operates globally, delivering risk and security solutionsto clients across the world, especially in Africa and the Middle East, wehave the capacity to provide the best security services by adapting ouroperations to clients needs and maintain the highest level of securitywhen deployed by continuously advising our clients of potentials risks.

  • Our Consultants and Network

    We employ experts from the government, military, police andintelligence sectors. We are always looking for highly skilled individualswho fit this profile.Our staffs are of the highest calibre and include experienced formerFrench Foreign Legion personnel and other professionals who specializein hostile environment security.

    RedZone Security is continuously improving and reinforcing itsimplementation in the MENA and West African regions.We have established reliable and trusted network in key and strategicareas in order to provide appropriate support to our clients according totheir requirements and the current Political-Security context.


  • Risk ManagementRedZone Security risk management services are provided by highlyexperienced consultants, we offer crisis management consultancy, incidentresponse, and security consulting and training services to corporate andprivate clients. Our consultants are specialized in establishing andimplementing tailored security plans and evacuation planning for our clientsworldwide.

    RedZone continuously reviews existing security programmes, policies andprocedures, including travel policy, journey management planning,communication plans, site-specific security plans, and any other existingstandard operating procedures that impact on employees.


    Reconnaissance SecurityRedZone Security offers clients the possibility to deploy a reconnaissancesecurity consultant or team prior clients' arrival in order to determinatethe current security situation in the area and establish the exact securityneeds that should be provided to the organization when operating.

    Our Services

  • Security PlanningRedZone offers a full range of security planning, our security consultants are expert in establishing the adequate procedures for your organization RedZone will use our generic security manual as a support but will adapt andimplement the ideal Security Plan for your needs.


    Security Penetration TestSecurity penetration can occur in many ways and a security penetration test by RedZonewill expose all potential weaknesses in your organization especially for your SecurityOperation Procedure, evacuation plan, and any security perimeter.

    Risks AssessmentsSecurity assessment to evaluate your particular security needs andwill establish and implement the best security measures for organisation or company.

    Evacuation Planning - Standard Operations ProceduresRedZone has the knowledge and experiences in implementing unique and practicalevacuation plans and SOP's ideally built and tailored for organizations operating inaustere environment in Africa or the Middle East.

    Our Services

  • Close ProtectionRedZone Security delivers Close Protection and protective services. Our highlytrained teams of security professionals provide the secure environment thatenables our clients to operate safely and effectively.

    Our personnel are drawn from a variety of backgrounds including Military SpecialForces and the French Foreign Legion they have the experience and knowledge toprovide discreet protection services in any environment worldwide.


    TrainingRedZone Security offers a wide range of training solutions for our clients, all ourinstructors have outstanding military background, we have the capacity and themethodologies to deliver the highest level of training required from basic weapondrills to complex live range scenarios including close Protection, PSD, convoy escortand military training package.

    Our Services

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