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  • Section BHeavy Body, Not Heavy Heart

  • Background InformationThe British Virgin Islands Comprised of 36 islands in the Caribbean () (16 of which are inhabited); about 113 kilometers east of Puerto Rico(), north of the Leeward Islands(), and adjacent to () the U.S. Virgin Islands; principal islands are Tortola(), Virgin Gorda(), Anegada()and Jost Van Dyke(). In 1666, British planters took over control of the island group from the original Dutch settlers. The islands attained the status of British colony, and remained part of the Leeward Islands from 1872 until 1956, when the British Virgin Islands became a separately administered entity. In 1967, a new constitution provided for a ministerial system of government headed by a Chief Minister. The island group remains under British control today.

  • Reading MoreQuestions and Answers:Direction: Answer the following questions according to the text.1.What do we know about the author from Paragraph 1?2.Why does the author enjoys exercising?3.Text B mentions there are many false ideas about fat people in society. What are the them?4.When the author hears someone saying, You have such a pretty face(para.6), what is the speakers real mean?5.Why does the author feels happy when she learns that some cultures have different standards of beauty?

  • Intensive Reading1. I worked full time, went to school full time, smoked, and lived off fast food and soft drink. (para.1)2. Now, at a weight considered to be dangerously high by medical charts, I live better than ever. (para.2)3. Studies show that overweight people who exercise have a lower death rate than normal weight people who do not.(para.2)4. Similarly, a study of college students said they would rather marry a drug user.(para.3)5. these attitudes create discrimination that affects fat people in every aspect of their lives, including money matters.(para.3)

  • 6. There are many false ideas about fat people in society. (para.4)7. While I was visiting the British Virgin Islands, a local man invited me to be in a picture with him on the beach. (para.7)8. I asked, Why me?There are women who look like models here.(para.7)9. Bones are for dogs, he said with a smile. Meat is for men. (Para.8)

  • live off (on): get ones food or income from e.g.

    People in this area live off seafood.

    The whole family had to live off his salary after his wife was laid off.

  • weight: n.1. 2. e.g.

    Experts warn that some food tend to make people put on weight faster.

    Before making decision, you should give much weight to others opinions.

  • medical: adj e.g.As a patient, everyone has the right to check his medical records.

    Collocation:medical charts medical examinationmedical certificate

  • overweight :adj. n.


    over-nover-anxietyoverpopulationoverstrain overconfidence


  • would ratherthan: e.g.More often than not, the children would rather clean the yard than do their homework.

    Facing the danger of death, the hero would rather die than give in.

  • in every aspect of :

    e.g.Internet, as a wonder of the modern world, has been influencing our society in every aspect .

    In every aspect of the college life, we can experience the affection and care from our teachers.

  • false: adj. 1 2

    e.g.Her teeth are false, but they look very natural.

    Collocation:false ideas false hair / teeth /give false evidence take a false step be false to ones words

  • virgin: adj. 1 2

    e.g.The family bought a piece of virgin land to grow trees.

    Collocation:virgin wood/forest virgin land / soil /virgin snow virgin girl

  • model: n. 1 2

    e.g.The company has signed three top models for the fashion show.3

    Collocation:fashion model a good /role model labor model model wife / behavior /on the model of ;

  • Meaning: Dogs like eating bones, he said with a smile. Men like eating meat.

    Please notice that the local man is saying in a humorous way that men like fat women. This further supports the idea in the previous sentnce: Some cultures have very different standards of beauty.

  • Testing YourselfGetting the MessageChoose the best answer for the following questions1.From Paragraph 1 we know that the a little fatter than before.B.usually had fast food and soft drinks.C.often fell ill.D.didn't like to take pictures at college2. The author enjoys exercising because______A.she wants to be more beautiful by losing weight.B.she doesnt want to die earlier.C.she likes to live a healthy lifeD.she would like to make up the happy time she lost before.

  • 3. Text B mentions there are many false ideas about fatpeople in society. Which of the following is not one of These false ideas?A. They could not lose weight even if they decided to do so.B. They have emotional or mental issues.C. They have eating disorders.D. They have chosen to be fat.4. When the author hears someone saying, you have such a pretty face (Para.6), she understands what the speaker really means have such a beautiful are too fat to be fit.C.I like you with such a pretty face.D.youd be prettier if you werent that fat.

  • 5. The author feels happy when she learns that some cultures have different standards of beauty, because____A.she loves to experience different cultures.B. She neednt worry about the problem of being overweight.C.she enjoys being liked for beautyD.she likes to make friends with men from different cultures.