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  • Vol. 2015 No. 2 Spring 2015 A Publication of the Springfield Art Association

    The First Floor of Edwards Place is Restored! After completing a ten-month, $500,000 interior restoration project to return the first floor to its 1850s appearance, historic Edwards Place is ready to welcome visitors once again. The house officially opened to the public at an open house reception on April 18; regularly scheduled tours resumed on April 21.

    The restoration to Edwards Place included upgrading electrical systems, repairing plasterwork, refinishing walnut woodwork, faux painting pine woodwork, and the installation of historically-appropriate carpeting, wallpaper, and draperies. Two fragments of 1850s wallpaper came to light during the restoration process; these were reproduced and installed in the east parlors. Restoration was made possible through private contributions matched by a grant from the Jeffris Family Foundation of Janesville, Wisconsin. JFF has awarded a second matching grant to restore the second story restoration, contact Mary Beth Burke to donate today.

    Tours are offered Tuesday-Friday at 1, 2, & 3 pm and Saturdays at 12, 1, & 2 pm. Admission is $5 for adults, kids 10 and under are free.

    To celebrate the restoration of Edwards Places first floor, the Springfield Art Association is proud to announce the publication of Edwards Place: A Springfield Treasure by Curator of Collections Erika Holst. This richly-illustrated, 150-page, full-color hardcover volume chronicles the story of Edwards Place, the people who lived within its walls, and the labor of love that restored it to its original grandeur.

    Thanks to the generosity of the books sponsors, 100% of the $35 purchase price goes to fund the restoration of the second floor of Edwards Place. Call the SAA office or visit to order your copy today!

    The SAA is deeply grateful to Ash Street Upholstery, Evans Construction, Exciting Windows by Susan Day, Fritsch Custom Finishes, Gfroerer Rug Compnay, Gonet Designs Corporation, the Jeffris Family Foundation and Mansfield Electric Company for making this book possible.

    Order Your Copy of Edwards Place: A Springfield Treasure!

  • Founded 1913

    700 N. Fourth Street . Springfield, IL 62702

    217-523-2631 | [email protected]

    Board of Directors 2014-2015 Sarah Albracht, President

    Allison Lacher, 1st Vice-President

    David Rolf, 2nd Vice-President

    Jennifer Bettis, Secretary

    Kate Ward, Treasurer

    David Reid, Past President

    SAA Staff Betsy Dollar, Executive Director

    Erin Svendsen, Education Coordinator

    Erika Holst, Curator of Collections

    Charlotte Kane, Office Manager

    Jan Arnold, Library Director

    Mary Beth Burke, Development Coordinator

    The Palette Volume 2015 No. 2

    Is published by the Springfield Art Association;

    subscriptions are obtained through SAA

    membership and are distributed by mail.

    MISSION The Springfield Art Association (SAA) a

    community based, nonprofit organization*,

    promotes and supports the visual arts, provides

    art education opportunities for the greater

    Springfield area, and preserves and interprets

    historic Edwards Place and the

    collections of the SAA.

    * SAA is a nonprofit tax exempt organization

    organized pursuant to IRS code 501(c)(3).

    Kathy Badger Kate Baima

    Heather Barnhart Judith Barringer

    Chris Becker Tricia Becker Mark Birtch

    Frank Butterfield Clay Crocker

    Christy Freeman

    Shane Harris Jackie Kelly

    Kirsten Kienzler Phil Locascio Elly Mackus

    Diane McEvoy Cassandra Ostermeier

    Rich Owens Anthony Rubano Marsha Shomidie


    I have observed that Springfield is a community of gardeners and growers. As soon as the weather improves, everyones focus moves to the yard. It must be the deeply rooted Midwestern agrarian heritage. I seem to have lost my passion for cultivating vegetables and flowers, my focus is on the cultivation of the visual arts and growing the SAA into a true community

    visual arts center. The seeds of change for the SAA have been planted and have been germinating for several years now; we are just beginning to see the sprouts of greater community recognition, new events are taking hold, and new members joining the fun. I hope that as a member you are enjoying all that we are offering to you and that you are sharing our classes, events, and opportunities with your friends. We need the message to be loud and clear, The Springfield Art Association is for everyone who wants to engage in visual art: to see it, to learn about it, to make it, and to share it. We are a growing community resource for all. As you read through this issue of the Palette you will discover numerous opportunities to celebrate the revitalization of the first floor of Edwards Place, learn more history through lectures and events, create something new in our studios, see some art in our gallery, and many other ways to engage with the visual arts. Grab a friend and join the fun at the SAA.


    With spring comes all things new, fresh, vibrant and alive. Here at the SAA, the freshness of spring is everywhere. The newly renovated Edwards Place promises to delight every eye with historic detail, stunning dcor and 1800s grandeur. Please consider sharing Edwards Place with our community by scheduling a group tour, bringing friends or having tea in the parlor. Our Capital Campaign marches on with vigor as we continue to raise funds to expand the spaces of our community visual arts center. Your continued support and

    advocacy for this project is vital. We appreciate your partnership. Ive recently challenged the board of directors to increase membership at the SAA, and Id like to offer the same challenge to our dedicated members. In growing our membership we promote involvement, increase revenue and visibility, and improve programming. If you love something, why wouldnt you share it with others? Below is the challenge and you can participate too!

    All those signing up 5 new members will receive $25 Fine Art Fair money. For each 5 member increment over the initial 5 another $25 Fine Art Fair money will be awarded.

    The member inviting and actually signing up the most new members by June 24 will be awarded $100 in Fine Art Fair money and a Gallery purchase gift card for $100.

    Beginning March 25 and ending June 24, 2015!

    All members must keep their own records of this and verify with Charlotte that memberships are legit. We will report progress in May and June. A new member is defined as a person or family that has a membership lapse of 2 years.

    Celebration and award will be at the June Board meeting! May the odds be ever in your favor! Thanks for all you are doing to make Springfield great. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events, exhibitions or classes this spring. We are thankful for you.

    -Betsy Dollar, Executive Director

    -Sarah Albracht, Board President

  • Roasted was a huge success this year! Over 350 people attended, 321 pots were fired, 21 Piggy Banks found new homes, and 400 plates of delicious pork were cleaned. We can not do this event without the care, support and passion

    from the following people that were there from setup to clean-up, from making the pots to firing the pots, from

    baking to serving:

    Kathy + Sonny Adams

    Jeremy Josserand

    Mary Fran Gorman

    Joyce Surbeck-Harris

    Shane Harris

    Zach Landes

    Stephanie Mahoney

    Rich Zimmerman

    Shane and Cathy Denney

    Pleasure Chest Blues Band

    Caren and Ed Trudeau

    Rolling Meadows Brewery

    Hickory River Smokehouse

    Bob Ritz

    Cookie + Ray Kienzler

    Adam Perschbacher

    Ann Logue

    Cassandra Ostermeier

    Betsy Dollar

    Dick Levi

    Dennis Polk + Monique


    Richard + Stephanie Kohlrus

    Christy Freeman

    Felicia Olin

    Ingrid Alexander

    Mike + Kathy Badger

    Kate + Joe Baima

    Tricia + John Becker

    Bob Dixon

    Paula Diaz-Sylvester

    Cinda, Dan, + Danielle


    Samantha Brown

    Roger Bricker

    Cindy + John Jordan

    Keith Murray

    Robert Lennek Stuffings

    Rob French

    Adam Pish

    Joe Deveraux

    Christy Louise

    Linda Fulgenzi

    Karen Conn

    Susan Day

    Erin Svendsen

    Chris Klaus

    Tom George

    Rhiannon Gurley

    Charlotte Kane

    Patti Pace-Halpin

    Romana Boston

    Frank Butterfield

    Rich Owens

    Diane McEvoy

    Dave + Alice Rolf

    Danny Brikshavana

    Sarah + Bryan Albracht

    Enos Park Neighborhood Kids

    SHG High School Kids

    10th IL Volunteer Cavalry

    Regiment Reactivated

    Erika Holst & Chris Schnell

    Laura Reyman

    Gail Noll

    Mary + Katie Trask

    Shawn Andrews

    Mary Beth Burke

    Thom Gebhart

    Jessica Reeck

    Tamika Lester

    Darrin Simmons

    Robert Elemens

    Carmen Rivera


    Meet Sr. Mary Fran Gorman FACULTY SPOTLIGHT Mary Fran Gorman was born in Aurora and raised in Plano, Illinois. She moved to Springfield in 1967, when she entered the Scared Heart Convent as a Franciscan nun. She became interested in ceramics when she attended a workshop with her fellow sisters. Since that first day of hand building, pinch a simple pot and experimenting on the whe