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Monthly newspaper providing news, views and information in Spanish and English to residents and visitors to the western Costa del Sol



    ESTEPONALlegada del gas ciudadEsteponas cooking with gas

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    CASARESNavidad en Casares Christmas in Casares

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    25.12.08Da de Navidad - Fiesta NacionalChristmas Day - National Holiday

    28.12.08Da de los InocentesInnocents Day

    01.01.09Ao Nuevo - Fiesta NacionalNew Years Day - National Holiday

    05.01.09Cabalgata de los ReyesThree Kings Processions

    06.01.09Reyes - Fiesta NacionalThree Kings - National Holiday

    Here we are then, another year almost over, and what a year! Weve certainly experienced some highs and lows over the past twelve months. Those heady days surrounding Spains victory at the European Football Championships seem like a long time ago, and all we seem to be left with is the hangover of the economic Crisis and the Astapa corruption case which has all but paralysed Estepona Town Hall.But there is possibly a small crumb of comfort to be taken this Christmas from the effects of the fi nancial downturn, and that is that people are beginning to examine their live now, pay later lifestyle with a critical eye. Already you can hear people talking about spending less this year and having a more family oriented Christmas. OK, I dont mean that you should all gather around the piano and make thy own entertainment, but if this recession can help to break the obscene consumerism which has blighted the festive season in recent years, then maybe well look back at it as not a complete disaster once weve come through it. Yes, dont forget all recessions do eventually end, and if a result of it is that people have learned to live within their means, then maybe it hasnt been a total disaster.In times such as these one persons doom and gloom is anothers opportunity, and from this month we have featured a selection of properties from the listings of a number of estate agents and developers, which represent some of the best deals in the area. All of these properties have been dramatically reduced in price and absolutely must be sold. You can fi nd them on page 24 of The Resident and you can also fi nd a larger selection at, so lets try and put the doom and gloom aside, at least for a couple of weeks and enjoy the festive season. As usual there is an extensive programme of events over the coming weeks, most of which wont cost any money to enjoy, and you can fi nd information on many of these in the Whats On section of The Resident.That just leaves me to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at The Resident, oh and good luck on El Gordo.

    For those of you in Casares you can collect a copy of the Resident at La Tienda

    Just past Venta Victoria



    Ropa Laboral

    TEL: 952 936

    Quiz NightFun quiz in aid of Animals in Needat the Caf Plaza

    Plaza Vicente Espinel (behind the taxi rank)In Sabinillas, Manilva

    Friday, 30th January 2009Starts 9.00 pm All welcome

    Happy Hour prices all nightRefreshments, Raffl e

    All proceeds go to Animals in Need

    The Resident - www.theresident.eu2

    Aqu estamos otra vez, terminando el ao Y qu Ao! Hemos tenido altos y bajos en estos doce meses. Parece que hace una eternidad desde la victoria de Espaa en la Eurocopa 2008, luego nos dejaron la tan hablada y temida crisis y la corrupcin Astapa en el Ayuntamiento de Estepona.Pero todava nos queda una pequea posibilidad de bienestar para estas Navidades y salvarnos de los efectos de la tan temida crisis, ahora la gente mira con lupa la cultura de comprar ahora y pagar maana. Ya se pueden or a personas decir que estn gastando menos este ao que en aos anteriores y estn enfocando la Navidad ms en familia. Vale!, no quiero decir que deberamos todos estar alrededor del piano y entretenernos, pero si esta recesin ayuda a parar un poco el consumismo, el cual ha sido habitual en estos ltimos aos, deberamos de pensar que no es todo tan malo. No olvidis, que toda recesin ms tarde o temprano termina, y si como resultado hemos aprendido de sta, no ha sido del todo tan desastre.Para muchos, sto es un mal asunto y para otros, es benefi cioso. A partir de esta edicin tenemos una seleccin de propiedades de una lista de Inmobiliarias y promotores, se ofrecen las mejores ofertas en esta zona actualmente en el mercado. Todas estas propiedades han sido reducidas hasta el mnimo ya que su venta es urgente y necesaria para sus propietarios. Podis encontrarla en la pgina 24 del peridico The Resident y adems podis encontrar una gran seleccin en, de acuerdo!, intentemos dejar a un lado lo malo, a menos durante un par de semanas y disfrutemos de las Fiestas! Como es normal hay un gran programa de eventos en las prximas semanas, la mayora no nos costar dinero pasarlo bien, podis encontrar informacin en la seccin Whats on en nuestro peridico The Resident.Permtanme esta oportunidad para desearos Felices Fiestas y Feliz Ao Nuevo de parte de todos nosotros, que trabajamos en el peridico y desearos buena suerte en El Gordo!.

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    The start of January sees traditional winter reductions on consumer goods which will carry on in some shops until the fi rst days of March. During these months the consumer will undoubtedly benefi t from discounts on some products but can also fall victim to the practice of some retailers who, by ignorance or deliberate calculation, attempt to trade against the rules in the matter of reductions as set out in The Commercial Law of Andalucia.

    Consumers should remember that articles that are offered as sale items must have been have displayed at their normal price for minimum of a month before in the selling establishment. The consumer also needs to check that the sale item is the same quality as the non-sale version, has no defects and displays a lower price together with the original price. If the product had any defect it will no longer be considered a reduction but a second.

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