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  • 1. By: Orna Sagiv (Consul General) Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai March 2009

2. Israel Area - Approximately 21000 km Population- Around 7.2 million Independence- 14 thMay 1948 Religions - Judaism, Islam, Christianity Official Languages-Hebrew, Arabic Capital- Jerusalem Government- Parliamentary Democracy 3. Major Economic Indicators GDP 2008: 170 billion USD GDP per capita: 28,000 USD GDP Growth: 4.1 %(5.3% in 2007) Inflation: 3.8% Unemployment: 6 % Exports 61 billion USD Imports 64 billion USDForeign investments: 10.3 billion USD(2007) 4. Mediterranean Sea Egypt Jordan Lebanon Syria Dead Sea Jordan Valley N 470km. 9 hrs. 135km. 90 min. 22,000Km Negev Mountain Range Jerusalem Tel Aviv Israel 5. Surface:22,000 Km 2 Length:470 Km Width:20-135 Km Geography 6. IsraelsEconomic Developmentsat a Glance 7. Source: World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Yearbook 2006-2007 Israel's Ranking in Global Competitiveness Reports 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Availability of scientists and engineers Israel Japan Finland India France Venture capital availability U.S.A Israel Netherlands Finland U.K Judicial independence Germany Netherlands Israel NewZealand Norway Technological readiness Sweden Singapore Iceland Switzerland Quality of research organizations Switzerland U.S.A U.K Israel Japan Technology absorptionIceland Japan Sweden Taiwan Utility patentsU.S.A Japan Taiwan Finland Israel 8. A Brief Economic History60 Years of Growth Total Growth over 60 Years Average annual Growth rate 60- fold 7% Product 10- fold 4% Population 6- fold 3% Product per Capita 9. GDP Growth (% per annum) Source: Central Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Finance Projections Current Economic PerformanceRobust Growth, Low Inflation Inflation rate 10. Silicon Miracles from the Holy Land Highlights of Israels High Tech Sector

  • ICT growth since 1990: ~ 15% per year
  • ~ 4,000 high tech companies, most of them start-ups.
  • 2nd largestVCmarket after the US
  • Most foreign companies listed at Nasdaq
  • Worlds fourth in US patents per capita
  • Major innovations: ICQ, disk-on-key, Centrino chip (Intel), advanced firewalls, GPS software, Pill-camera, etc.;
  • R&D/GDP=4.6% (world highest)

11. The Ingredients of Israels Silicon Miracle

  • Entrepreneurship, Israeli style
  • High-quality human capital, technical skills
  • Government support for commercial R&D.
  • Venture Capital, local and US-based
  • Very open economy, strong ties with the global main players

12. India Israel 13.

  • The Indo-Israel bilateral relations
  • Official visits by Indian Leaders to Israel:
  • May 2000 - Home Minister L. K. Advani
  • May 2006 Sharad Pawar (Minister of Agriculture)
  • Official visits by Israeli Leaders to India:
  • September 2003- Prime MinisterArial Sharon
  • December 2006 Eliyahu Yishai (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister ofIndustry, Trade & Labour)
  • March 2007- Shaul Mofaz (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transportation and Road Safety)
  • Several Economic Agreements (MFN, Avoidance of Double Taxation, Bilateral Investment Protection, R&D, Economic Cooperation Agreement, Demo Farm Pusa)
  • Economic Relations:
  • 200 million $ bilateral trade in 92to4 billion $ in 2008
  • Several Israeli Companies have invested in India especially in the sectors like Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Irrigation
  • Indian Companies like Tata Consultancy Services and State Bank of India opened offices in Israel

14. Israels Exports to India In 2008 2313 millions - Increased by 45% Particulars Amount in US$ (millions) % of Export Chemical Products 793 34 Precious Stones and Diamonds 982 42 Machinery 403 17 15. Israels Imports From India In 2008 1682 millions Particulars Amount in US$ (millions) % of Export Chemical Products 251 15 Precious Stones and Diamonds 979 58 Textiles 122 07 16.

  • Areas of Cooperation
  • Israel considers India as an important trade partner in Asia India as a Destination Market
  • Joint R&D agreement in the following areas Biotech, Nanotech, Space Research, Water Management, Alternative renewable energy
  • Major industry sectors for economic cooperation: Telecommunication, Agro-Technology, Medical Equipment, Environmental Technologies, Homeland Security
  • Investments in Real Estate, Shopping malls, IT, Pharma

17. Agriculture in Israel 18. Annual Average (mm) North:720 Mountain:550 South:30Rai n fall 1,000 800 700 500-600 200-400 100-200