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Volos Nea Anchialos Guide 2004

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Nea Anchialos Volos archaeological guide

Text of Volos Nea Anchialos Guide 2004

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    Ancient Pyrassos

    Fthiothides Thives

    Nea Anchialos



    Xrysi Akti Panagias



    Nea Anchialos


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    Nea Anchialos u

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    Usefull Numbers 06

    General Information 07

    Nea Anchialos Archaeological

    Basilica of St. Dimitrios 10

    Basilica of Bishop Elpidios

    Basilica of High Priest Peter 11

    Cemeterian & Torment Basilica 12


    Basilica E - Basilica F

    Three aisled odd small church 13


    Group of public buildings 14

    Nea Anchialos Historical

    Contemporary history 15

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    Maps / Contents

    Nea Anchialosu

    - Useful Telephone Numbers

    Nea Anchialos (+30 24280)

    ! Tourist police 24210 76987 (-Volos)

    ! Police 76219

    ! Fire brigade 76111

    ! Municipality 78700

    ! Community clinic 76666

    ! Post office 76208

    ! Archaeological museum 76468

    ! Taxi 76340

    ! Bus station 76734

    ! Social welfare 76765

    !... Citizens Help Center 76526

    !.... Municipality Tourism Org. 78181

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  • General Information

    Nea Anchialos is a town of Magnesia prefecture. It is N . situated south of Volos and north of Almyros. It is .

    placed on the national highway Athens-Lamia-Volos. ,

    . On the east there is Pagassitikos bay and west-

    - northwest it is surrounded by picturesque little hills. . The whole area is 48 square kilometers and its 48 . population is over 6000 people. 6000 .

    Thanks to its picturesque, charming nature, clean , ,

    seaside, the coexistence of peacefulness and

    cosmopolitan life and mainly the clean environment ,

    and the hospitality of the local people,have made the town one of the biggest tourist summer resorts of the area. Nea Anchialos has dense vegetation, full of pine .

    trees, vineyards, olive trees, almond trees...

    , , , ,

    . Two little hills, Kokkinovrahos and Mavrorahi, rise

    west-north-west, which attribute to our town its , - , exquisite view of the clear water of Pagassitikos bay - -

    and reveal the excellent lying out. At Kokkinovrahos

    there is the Prophet Elias small chapel, though few

    meters above lies a small cave with stalagmites and .

    stalactites, the entrance of which is almost closed at '

    the moment. The beautiful coasts of Nea Anchialos extend to 20 Klm. There is a great variety of beaches with the .

    unique reddish sand, appropriate for sand-baths for

    people suffering from rheumatism. There is also

    20 . golden sand as well as cliffs and pebbles. Small bays and ports, which are formed in certain areas, offer : indisputably clear water, ideal for swimming, fishing ( ),

    and sea sports.,

    , .

    Nea Anchialos

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    Page 07

  • Nea Anchialos

    General Information which came into light in , 1965, was attributed to the statue of Demeter, the Nea Anchialos is one of the goddess adored by the

    most important towns in (6 )

    inhabitants of the city. Magnesia due to its natural ,

    Other relics of unspecified beauty and the remarkable . nature lie also in the archaeological findings.

    Basilica D', which has been

    excavated in the area Built on the ruins of the . . where there must be built ancient city Pyrassos, of

    the public buildings of the Achaia Phthiotida. Homer

    Hellenistic Pyrassos, in the 1965 provides us with information

    center of Nea Anchialos.about the city, who mentions . .,

    it in his list of ships (Iliad Maybe the most identical B695) together with Fylaki . finding is a small piece of and Itona, which belonged to ,

    an ancient epigraph, the kingdom of Protessilaos. '

    discovered in the debris of ( 695) According to Stravon the big Basilica D' with the (IX435), who discusses its

    , name Pyrassos, clear topography, Pyrassos was proof that this is the spot 20 stadiums from the , . where used to be the great . contemporary city (435), city of Protessi-laos and

    Demeter. Pyrassos ends in Phthiotides Thieves. In ,

    217 BC when it was Pyrassos there was the 20 destroyed by Philip the 5th.famous temple of Demeter. '

    There is a possibility that it . ,

    has also been an important

    , religious center of the area.

    . The only excavation which . took place in the hill on the 217 ..

    southeast of Nea Anchialos

    5 . proves that the city has been . '

    peopled since the earliest

    Neolithic period (6th

    millennium) by fishermen- agriculture's, who developed a remarkable civilization. .

    Pyrassos can only provide

    us with hypothetical

    information; an arm from an oversized female statue,

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    Page 08

  • Nea Anchialos

    General Information

    , In this debris developed later a new city, Phthiotides . , Thieves. According to the epigraphs, it took its name

    , 2 .. c.2nd century a.C. and it reached its cultural, spiritual ,

    and artistic peak during the Paleochristianic period

    until the end of 7th century. This fact justifies the term 7 ..

    Christianikae Thive. .

    Long lasting excavations have brought into light a good number of buildings of the ancient city. There . has been an effort to determine the course of its wall

    which protected the city. The area surrounded by the

    wall is about 600x480m. Until now there have been . ,

    , 600x480 discovered ten important monuments of the ancient . city: 10 1) Pyrassos citadel, 2) Elpidius Basilica, 3) Group of : 1) public buildings, 4) the Episcopal building, 5) the 2) , 3)

    Basilica of St.Dimitris, 6) burnt bath, 7) Gymnasium 4) 5)

    and baths, 8) paved street with shops, 9) a mansion . 6) - 7)

    and 10) the Basilica of high priest St.Peter. 8)

    However, outside the wall there are important 9) buildings as well: The Basilica cemetery, the 5th 10) Basilica, mansion of the 3-4th century by the sea,

    bath and extensive mosaics, another street with :

    shops, cemeteries with arched graves engraved in ( ') ,

    , 3 -4 the side of the hill or underground arched graves with

    , sarcophagus since the 3rd-6th centuries. , The example above represent for the main part art in , the area. The various mosaics and their extraordinary

    technique, make the city the most appropriate place -

    to study that kind of decoration.

    3 -6 .




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  • A' - . Basilica A' - St. Dimitris

    It is situated southeast of the today's main market on . - 1924 the national highway. The excavation started in 1924 1928. , and has been terminated in 1928. .

    Basilica A' is a three-nave one with vestibule, yard and

    additional buildings. Characteristic though is the , .

    forming of the yard and the buildings surrounding the

    Basilica, as well as of the baptistery and the vestry. The

    floors were covered with flat stones out of marble and . (1972-1973) mosaics. Additional excavations (in 1972 and1973) , have brought into light the yard and the buildings south, .

    east and north of the basilica. The name of the basilica

    , has been beard out of a floor mosaic epigraph of the

    . baptistery were it is written Saint Dimitris. , -


    Nea Anchialos Archaeological

    nd: 2 5 Chronology: 2 half of the 5th century a.C.

    th 5 Under heated bath of the 5 century a.C., northwest of the

    . basilica.

    th 5 Private mansion of the 5 century a.C., 50 m. north of the