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  • 1. LSBF School of English The English School for Global Professionals LSBF School of English memberships and accreditation bodiesA special interest group of English UK

2. Our Mission In todays global community, the 2 ability to communicate effectively in English opens up a whole new world of study and career opportunities. Communicating confidently and effectively provides individuals with a skill that will open doors anywhere in the world, whether it be in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 firm, while on a volunteer mission in one of the worlds developing countries, Table of Contents or when simply meeting friends andTop 5 Reasons to Choose LSBF School of English 3 business associates. Superb Location Excellent Facilities Aimed at students and professionals Outstanding Flexible Programmes of all levels, the LSBF School of Quality Teaching Rapid Progress at Students Pace English is a school like no other, providing individuals not only with the Exceeding Expectations 5 English language skills needed for Skill Development Quality Teaching todays global economy, but also with the leadership, communication and Our Courses6 confidence to become a global leader General English Academic English & Pre-Masters and innovator. Business and Professional English IELTS Exam Preparation One-to-One Courses Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses: FCE and CAE Conversation and PronunciationProfessional Development 7 Professional Qualification Programmes Graduate ProgrammesExperience London8 Marble Arch Campus Classrooms Library Computer FacilitiesAccommodation 10 Home Stay Flat-share Residence, Hostel and Studios Executive AccommodationSocial Programmes 11 3. 3 Top 5 Reasons to Choose LSBF School of English 1. Superb Location4. Quality Teaching Situated in the heart of London, our Marble ArchWe meet the highest standards in quality teaching. School campus is within close proximity to all Londons All our teachers combine first-hand industry expertise major landmarks, including Hyde Park, Piccadillysupported by continuous professional development Circus and its just a short bus ride from the financialand use the latest teaching methodologies and and Business district, the City.materials so that our classes remain relevant. Our quality assurance is guaranteed by British Council 2. Excellent Facilities accreditation and membership of English UK and Business English UK. Our first-class facilities include: comfortable and air-conditioned classrooms5. Rapid Progress at Students Pace student lounge with internet access We provide a high-degree of support and library & self-access study centre availableindividual attention to each student to ensure that at our LSBF Campus, just 10 minutes on themaximum progress is achieved. On their first day, Underground from Marble Archstudents complete a level test which will place one-to-one pods for specialised programmesthem in the right class to enable them to achieve their specific learning goals. Student progress is carefully monitored by the School on a regular 3. Outstanding Flexible Programmes basis and each students learning programme Whether you are interested in English for universityis continually assessed to ensure students are entry, academic or professional purposes, or simply getting the most out of their experience with the wish to combine study with exploring London, you will LSBF School of English. find a course to match your needs and interests. We offer all levels of English language proficiency and we run flexible morning, midday and afternoon classes.LSBF School of English The English School for Global Professionals 4. The Financial English course at the School was 4 very challenging, helping me not only to improve my English, but also to find a job with a Fortune 500 firm in the City Monika Financial English 5. 5 Exceeding Expectations Skill Development Quality Teaching LSBF School of English students learn more than justAll LSBF School of English teachers hold either the English Language. As a part of London Schoolthe Certificate in English Language Teaching to of Business & Finance, LSBF School of English willAdults (CELTA) or the Diploma in English Language aim at developing confidence, as well as strong Teaching to Adults (DELTA), and have extensive communication and leadership skills among its experience teaching Academic and Business students. LSBFs unique teaching approach, focusing English Language classes. on setting strong foundations in all aspects of the Students progress often varies, requiring systematic, English Language (speaking, listening, writing and structured testing to consolidate and evaluate learning. reading) while complementing learning with group Lesson reviews and progress tests further enable activities and classroom discussions, will allow teachers to measure the development of students students to confidently use their newly acquired skills. language skills and assess their ongoing performance. A series of social programmes and activities, in and around London, will promote leadership and communication skills among LSBF students, setting the foundation for work and study within an international environment.Leadership SkillsCommunication & Teamwork SkillsLanguage Skills: Speaking, L Listening, Reading and Writing LSBF School of English The English School for Global Professionals 6. Our Courses A wide variety of programmes is available for professionals, or future professionals, 6 looking to improve their fluency in the English language. An extensive range of general, academic and professional courses ensure our teaching is relevant to each students needs, aspirations, career goals and objectives. Most courses can be taken on their own, or in different combinations, with a variety of timetables, a choice of 15, 20, 25 and 30 lessons per week and the flexibility to start any non-holiday Monday of the year. General EnglishOne-to-One Courses These programmes are aimed at professionals, and These courses are a unique opportunity to learn and future professionals of all disciplines and backgroundspractice English with one of the Schools teachers who are looking to improve general comprehension in a comfortable and quiet environment. General of the English Language. The courses focus onEnglish studies, exam preparation, and business and developing all 4 core skills of the English language:financial English studies can all be incorporated into speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, the students lesson plan. One-to-One sessions are grammar and pronunciation. conducted using a variety of learning methods, whereteachers can focus on the students individual needs Academic English & Pre-Masters and topics of interest.These programmes are designed for students whoCambridge Exam Preparation Courses: need to improve their Academic English and StudyFCE and CAE Skills to prepare for university level studies and include Intermediate and Advanced Academic English classes.Highly respected internationally, the First Certificatein English and Certificate in Advanced English are Business and Professional Englishrecognized by both employers and universities astrue benchmarks of English language learning. Our A series of courses designed for professionals looking courses of 10 weeks take students through stringent to increase their industry specific language skills, preparation for these challenging exams. the Business and Professional English programmes provide students with the skills to analyse high levelConversation and Pronunciation business and financial information, write reports, conduct presentations, and develop other professionalThese courses develop students confidence and skills needed in the work place. oral fluency whilst improving their pronunciation, byfocusing on phonemes, connected speech, intonation IELTS Exam Preparation and sentence stress. The conversation classesimprove students speaking ability, enabling them to The IELTS examination is fast becoming the leading communicate more effectively in a variety of English standardised test for English Language globally, speaking environments. The pronunciation classes jointly managed by the University of Cambridge address students specific and individual diction, and the British Council. It is recognised as the enunciation and articulation needs. standardised English proficiency test for University admission in the United Kingdom, with some institutions looking for scores as high as 8.0 on this challenging examination. 7. Professional Development As an integral part of London School of Business & Finance, LSBF School of English 7 works very closely with the academic team at LSBF to provide its students with numerous opportunities for professional development. Professional Qualification Programmes Graduate Programmes In addition to the leadership and communication Students showcasing an excellent academic courses that are offered to students, students maybackground and a strong managerial experience also be eligible to partake in LSBFs Professionalmay be eligible pursue one of LSBFs Masters Qualification courses, studying towards obtaining programmes, learning alongside fellow professionals some of the worlds most recognised professionaland developing the knowledge and tools needed qualifications: to thrive in todays global economy. Some of the programmes available include: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Chartered Institute of Management MSc in Finance or MSc in Investment Banking Accountants (CIMA) MSc in Marketing or MSc in Digital Marketing Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)LSBF School of English The English School for Global Professionals 8. Experience London As an English school for the worlds leaders and innovators, the LSBF School of English is 8 based in the centre of London the worlds fina