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Learning Analyticsand Learning ResourcesEdReNe Copenhagen, October 2015Jan HylnSkolverketjan.hylen@skolverket.seSkype: jan_hylen

What is Learning Analytics?Learning Analytics is about collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning. (Eric Duval, Cath Univ of Leuven)

What is Learning Analytics?

From school bus same pace and same route for everyone

What is Learning Analytics?

To personalised education

What is Learning Analytics and LACE?


Work Package 4: Schools Objectives Bring together disparate communities with related interestsCapture and disseminate the latest thinking on learning analytics in practiceAnalyse significant developments and issues in the domain and produce reportsIdentify, collect and synthesise claims and evidence for the benefits of learning analytics6

The current situation in EuropeFew governmental initiatives

Low awareness among decion-makers and decision-shapers

Growing numbers of commercial initiatives mostly small scale7

Three(?) emerging strategies

Learning Analytics module

Learning resource moduleLearning resource module

Learning analytics integrated into the learning resource

Adaptive testing systemModular approachIntegrated approachStand alone approach

Stand alone approach adaptive testing (SE)


Integrated approach: Studi.se (SE)

Videos (also with sub-titles in many languages), texts and quizzesFeedback to both the student and the teacher10

The stand alone approach (NO)

Modular approach: Learnbeat (NL)


Modular approach: Lraktiv (SE)


Example 6: Interactive Flipped Classroom (SWE)Based on the flipped classroom methodMakes the students more active in the classroomBut they are still quite passive when looking at videosTechnical platform which helps the teacher to cut the videos in smaller chunks and add quizzesAlso possible for students to stop the video and write questions to the teacher14Under development!

Feedback to the teacherHow many have looked at the video (and when)?How did the group score on the quizzez?Which parts did they found (particularly) hard?Where they confused by the teachers examples?Specific questions feeded back to the teacher before the lesson



The quizz question

Correct answersWrong answers


Why do you subtract 4/9?

The students can stop the video and write questions if needed


Future developments issues for discussionTraditional textbook publishers or upcoming dot.coms?Are the three approaches described the only ones, or are there more approaches?Which approach(es) will be more successful?What about OERs and learning analytics?Will there be open analytics?Will there be adaptive tests in other subjects than mathematics? 19

1 day seminar on Learning AnalyticsPurpose: To introduce main themes, opportunities and challenges of Learning AnalyticsWe provide:A tested seminar format targeting practitioners, decision makers, researchers and ICT businessSpeakers who can give an introduction to Learning AnalyticsNames of international expertsUse cases from other countriesYou provideVenueLocal expertsTogether we create an arena for a burgeoning debate on Learning Analytics in your country20An offer you cant refuse ;-)

Thank you for your attention!


This work was undertaken as part of the LACE Project, supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme, grant 619424.

These slides are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. Some images used may have different licence terms.www.laceproject.eu@laceproject