Pearl Diving

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Pearl Diving

Pearl diving in uaeMade by : Hamdiya Ahmed

Definition of pearl divingPearl diving means: the act of diving for the precious gems pearls.

6 Facts about pearl diving

Pearls divers would be at sea from mid-May to early September.

Pearl Divers would dive for 12-14 hours, before sunrise, and till sunset.

Ten meters is how deep on average a pearl diver goes.

All trading was done in Indian Rupees. All units of measurement and scales are in Hindi.

Sweet and salty water, the combination is the best environment for oysters. And the pearls gathered from these oysters are the pearls with the best color.

At the Dubai Museum, some facts that leap out of the descriptions. "In 1905" a sign says "the revenue from pearl sales was Rupees One Million. Pearl divers made three main journeys between the 5th and 9th month each year. Summer was the busiest time.

Food during pearl diving People in the past travelled on boats called sambuks to go pearl diving. These had crews of about twenty men. The men were usually away for at least four months during the summer. They used to take with them a large number of men, servants and cooks, as well as several goats. They also took supplies of rice, flour and other food. They usually ate one meal of freshly caught fish and rice in the evening. During the day they ate dates to give them energy and vitamin C. They took fresh (sweet) water with them in a large wooden container .Their ages were between 20 and 40. Sometimes even boys as young as 14 would go pearl diving.

This is a boat called sambuks

What are the most common and most rare colors of a pearlColors generally range from cream, to silver-white (most common), to black (most rare). But there are also color overtones reflected across a pearl's surface.

This picture shows that the color of a pearl is reflected from the color of its shell.