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School Syllabi And Textbooks

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School SyllabiAnd


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The curriculum is the sum total of experience provided to children inside or outside the school. It is translated into syllabus which in turn is concretised in the form of textbooks.

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In many cases experts in the subject are consulted to write the textbooks and then the manuscript is placed before curriculum developers and practicing teachers for discussion and suggestions.

The teachers however play a minimal role in textbook development.

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The subject matter included in the textbooks should be based on our understanding of child’s psychology.

Textbooks should not be written to primarily convey information or facts rather it should make children think and explore

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Textbooks should include thought provoking questions and suggestions for projects and activities to be undertaken by the studentsYash Pal committee (1993) has rightly pointed out that the distance between the child’s everyday life and the content of the textbook further accentuates the transformation of knowledge into a load.

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Researchers have established that the textbook content must be presented in simple language.

Many new concepts must not be introduced in quick succession.

Textbooks must encourage observation and experimentation.

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The misconception which equates knowledge with information has led to addition of uninteresting facts and information.

The textbooks must not be a burden to the students.