Towards a Rhetoric of Participation

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1. .2 What a beautiful and educational museum.Amy, Oceanside, NY This exhibition feels real. Im not a Jew, but Im loving the history. , .3 God bless the Jews of America and around the entire world. Pray for the safety & security of Israel. Pray for all 1/4/2015, 2. - ( :) prayers, letters to god, on a bigger scale, the texts came from the heart [in the visitor book] it was toned- down because everyone can see. 1/4/2015, 3. - .1 "" My Holocaust experience was great It was very interesting and made me want to learn more. Taylor Jones (3/20/13) I had a great experience & learned so much. I appreciate everything so much more.Thank you, love .2 () 8-16-13Thank you for keeping the memory of those who suffered and died alive. We should NEVER FORGET!! Seryle and Steve Wonderful. we will not forget & we will do something. 1/4/2015, 4. .3 "" This is an excellent exhibit, however it is tame compared to what I saw at Dachau. M. Dumont ,Tampa I had an opportunity to visit Anne Frank house, but she is only a little piece in this huge puzzle.Thank you for showing the world. Kelly 04-06-2014 .4 "( " ) Impressivedont forget the lessons history is telling you! Dr. DOHLB Director of the state archives of Salzburg, Historian and teacher of the University of Salzburg, Austria Im a docent at the Dallas Holocaust Museum... I really loved touring this wonderful museum, end especially listening to your docent Anthony Keep up the good work! Mimmie Henson 1/4/2015, 5. .5 I was born in 1.1946 in Amfing, Germany, which had become [a] concentration camp. My parents were survivors who had been in many camps, & lost many members of their family. I am grateful that places like this museum exist, & that many visitors see what happened.Thank you. Lynne Farbman, daughter of Rachel Semor b.Vilna Isaac Semor b. Saloniky Greece Granddaughter of a Polish member of the underground & survivor from Strzyw, Poland. Glad there is a wonderful memorial here in St. Petersburg. Lila Wolan-Jedziniav 12/26/2012 1/4/2015, 6. (rhetoric of participation) () () ,, , (commenting systems) " '' : (Gershon) :,,, , : (framing) (addressivity) - 1/4/2015,