Desert Ecology

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Desert Ecology

Desert EcologyMega Engineering Sahara Project

Jules GARCIN, Christophe VITU


Desert climate2

Two types of deserts : Hot and Dry deserts, and cold desertsFor hot and dry deserts, temperature can rise up to 45C

By average : less than 5,90 in of rainfall every yearStill enough for having aquifer close to the surface

If water pressure is high enough, it can come up to thesurface and create an oasis.


Animals and plants from the desert

3Both plants and animals have adapted to the climate conditions. Either they are able to store water and food in their bodies, or to avoid the heat. Also bacterias and microbes are able to live in deserts.

Stakes of the Mega Engineering Project

4Deserts cover one fifth of the Earths surfaceBut they have their own biome, and turning it into a forest will destabilize the wildlife

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