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, 20 $100 . !!!


, 20 $100 . !!!


5 , $ 1

2,5 $ 2 +

INFINii $2 . 2 INFINii 6 eBay


INFINii 7 Amazon,

INFINii $2 . 2 INFINii 6 eBay


INFINii 7 Amazon,

Rise above the eCommerce crowd with access tothousand of items at protected wholesale prices

Start selling & profiting todayMarket Your INFINii store anyway you like

Sign Local Vendors & Manufacturers into INFINii Marketplace

Earn each time an INFINii Customer uses your Vendor

Learn how to master online marketing to build a global business of likeminded peopleINFINii MarketplaceINFINiiStoresINFINiiVendors


INFINii marketplace


Pro | Flow | Link | Express

INFINii Marketplace

12 INFINii ! NFINii, . ! SurgePrime Excel


JumpStart 25 13Infinity PayInfinity Match Regional ManagerNational ManagerGlobal ManagerDirectorSenior DirectorExecutive DirectorPresidential DirectorAmbassadorDiamond AmbassadorCrown AmbassadorGlobal Ambassador 5% 10% 15% 30% 35% 40% 45% 60% 70%80%100%


Milestone Check-match2

ManagerRegional ManagerNational ManagerGlobal Manager$ 50$100$350$500

. , Milestones

20%10%Level 1Level 2Infinity benefits

BVHolding Tank 25% JumpStart

Check match Infinity Pay % 4

I want to introduce you to the Infinity Rewards Plan. We created this new plan very carefully with several critical components in mindWe wanted to remove the confusion and frustration of trying to balance the binary legsWe wanted to increase the amount of money that new customers and partners can earn when they first get startedWe wanted to foster teamwork within the field, helping others while helping yourself at the same timeGive leaders the flexibility to work with their downline and give them time to position them properlyBenefit from personally sponsoring customers or partners into the system regardless of where they are placed in the genealogy15


0 400 1,200 3,500 10,000 30,000 60,000 120,000 240,000 600,000 1,500,000 4,000,00010,000,000Rank bv of lineage Earn/Line Required Max BV/ Line MaximumBuilderManagerRegional ManagerNational ManagerGlobal Manager

DirectorSenior DirectorExecutive DirectorPresidential DirectorAmbassadorDiamond AmbassadorCrown AmbassadorGlobal Ambassador

0 240 720 2,100 6,000 18,000 33,000 60,000 108,000 250,000 600,0001,400,0002,500,000

0 50 100 200 500 1,000 2,000 4,000 7,500 10,000 20,000 60,000 125,000

, BV... ! !: - . ,

One of the first things that you will see is that from the Senior Director level and above the Required BV has been significantly reduced with a large reduction at the core leadership levels of Executive Director, Presidential Director and Ambassador ranks. This compensation plan is designed for people to reach rank faster by increasing Rank Requirement volume due to a concept called Spillover of which we will explain in further detail later. I am not going to spend too much time on this slide now as I have cut out the necessary charts on each of the training slides respectively.


Jim -


Paul PrimeEdward Excel

Stacy SurgeJimBV BV Paul5050Stacy150150Edward400240Total600440

So we are going to walk through this training guide from one persons perspective and the effect of the various transactions have on our Partner named Jim. We will start with Jim enrolling three customers, Paul, Stacy and Edward. INFINii is going to continue to pay dollar for dollar on BV Payouts so in the lower right hand corner you will see the 50 BV for Paul, 150 BV for Stacy and 400 BV for Edward. One point to notice as we walk through the slides is that the names have been selected with the first letter of the product. Paul is P for Prime, Stacy is S for Surge and Edward is E for Excel. They are also color coded throughout the presentation so you have consistent training and recognition of the product levels.

Note the two columns for the BV earned. One is the Total Organizational BV that Jim has which is the BV for Pay column totaling 600 BV. The other is the BV that is calculated for Rank Advancement. Jim has 3 lines of lineage and there is a Maximum BV per line that can be used towards calculating Rank. This is why you see Edward with only 240 BV counting towards calculating his rank. Even with this cap, Jim still has enough BV to earn the rank of Manager.18




Paul Prime$49.95JumpStartPaul$ 49.95x 25%$ 12.49Stacy$ 149.95x 25%$ 37.49Edward$ 399.95x 25%$ 99.99Total$ 599.85$149.97

Edward Excel$399.95

Stacy Surge$149.95JumpStart

The JumpStart Bonus is one of the biggest and most immediate advantages to the Infinity Rewards Plan. Everyone is familiar with the Fast Start Bonus from the old comp plan that paid a very profitable 15% on every new customer enrolment. Well, we have JUMPED that up to a whopping 25%!! This is a significant increase and is one of the main changes to bring people to profitability as soon as possible.

In our example, Jim has 3 new people that have enrolled and will earn a one time payout of about $150. This is a 67% increase in payout from the old compensation plan which is a very exciting feature. The timing and payout remain the same. If Jim enrolls all 3 of these customers today, his JumpStart Bonus will be available for payout 2 weeks from today.19



Paul PrimeEdward Excel

Stacy Surge

ManagerRegional ManagerNational ManagerGlobal Manager$ 50$100$350$500

MileStone 1

One of the new features of the Infinity Rewards Plan is the MileStone Bonuses. MileStone Bonuses are specifically designed to put some extra money into the pockets of the Partners at the lower ranks. You can see that by Jim achieving the Manager Rank that he has earned a $50 bonus. It is important to note that the MileStone Bonuses are cumulative. That means if someone starts today and hits National Manager in the first week, they would earn a total of $500 by being paid $50 for Manager, $100 for Regional Manager and $350 for National Manager. Including the Global Manager rank there is $1000 available to everyone as the progress through the ranks.

Best news is that there is no timeframe to hit these ranks. They will always be paid out as soon as the rank is achieved. No 30 day limit and no other requirements. Achieve the rank and get paid the bonus, it is that simple. We have also made the payout schedule easier by following the exact same payout schedule as the JumpStart Bonus. As soon as you hit rank, that bonus is earned and then available 2 weeks after the date that the rank is earned.20

Holding Tank

Paul Edward Builders HOLDING TANK

Paul Prime


Edward Excel

Susie Surge

Peter PrimeJim

Patty Prime

Sally Surge

Paul Edward

There are a few things with the new compensation plan that I really want to call your attention to. I like to call these game changers. They are changes to the existing compensation plan that will directly and immediately benefit you and your commissions. The first one is the Holding Tank. The Holding Tank has been a proven, very successful tool used in this industry and one that attracts many leaders. First I want to cover how to you qualify for the Holding Tank its easy. Just enroll two customers at Prime, Surge or Excel and immediately you will have access to benefits of the Holding Tank.

The Holding Tank is a tool that will allow you 30 days to place your personally sponsored customers anywhere in your genealogy. This gives you a month to configure your team to put them in the best possible situation to be successful. Whether that is geographic, languages, skill sets, ecommerce experience, recruiting or other factors that would create better teams.21

Holding Tank ???

, . 30 , 1 . 30 -, , , Holding Tank

I thought it would be helpful to create a simple reference guide for some of the common questions that have been asked thus far. We will continue to add to this as questions come in but in our test cases, these were the items that were the most frequently requested.22

As stated in the initial dialogue, one of the main factors in creating this new comp plan was to foster teamwork among the various teams across the globe. This industry is about helping people, our product is tools and training that helps people. It only makes sense that we align our strategic goals with our compensation plan to continue the mission of our company.

I am going to walk through a very simple example of how this works with just a small number of people and hopefully you will see the power of how this will make a difference in your own team.23


Jim Emm Paul, Paul ManagerPaulBVEmma240Peter50Sally150Total440

Paul Prime

Edward Excel

Susie Surge

Peter PrimeJ