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NEMO Museum

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·Arnau Sagrera ·Berta Jimenez

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Where is located NEMO Museum?NEMO Museum is a science center in Amsterdam. It is located at the Oosterdok in Amsterdam-Centrum, situated between the Oosterdokseiland and Kattenburg.

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The origins of NEMOThe museum has its origins in 1923, and his designer was Renzo Piano  since 1997. 

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The different names of the Museum•  In 1954 the name was changed to the Nint or

Nederlands Instituut voor Nijverheid en Techniek.• In 1997 it changed again to new Metropolis.• And the name Science NEMO was changed again

in 2000.

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NEMO Museum inside• It contains five floors of hands-on science

exhibitions and is the largest science center in the Netherlands. It has got a lot of expositions!

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The visitors• It attracts annually over 500,000 visitors, which

makes it the fifth most visited museum in the Netherlands.

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