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  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    Some of the comments in the following presentation are

    excerpt from Alcatel-Lucent Nemo_kitTips Document.

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    Physical connectionsi) Insert USB hub and USB GPS to laptopii) Insert Nemo USB dongle into hubiii) Insert SIM card into UE and connect to USB hub

    Upon inserting the HTC phone/Seirra wireless Aircard, this may be recognized by the laptop as an

    external drive/removable storage or may try to install at&t Communication Manager. You will have to

    stop the installation of at&t CM shown in slide 5

    Ensure that the Seirra LED is illuminatedQuery the modems to ensure that the UE is communicating with the laptop shown in the slide 6Verify you can connect to the internet through the aircards.Note that the PCTEL scanners are not to be connected until Nemo-Outdoor is opened as this is a

    work-around to prevent the PCTEL scanners from not responding

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    Device Manager detects the Seirra Wireless Modem and COM ports

    COM port numbers are not set to a standard COM port and you have to identify the COM portassigned to a specific UE

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    To identify COM port numbers associated with a modem:

    1) Device Manager Right-click on desired modem Select Properties

    2) Go to Modem tab to verify current COM port number

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    Right-click on Seirra Wireless Modem Interface

    Select Properties

    Go to Diagnostics tab

    Press Query Modem

    Look for responses to the commands indicating connectivity between UE and the laptop.

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    Note that your PCTEL scanners should not be connected to the laptop at this point Load your workspace (ALU-at&t-LTE_Workspace is the ALU RF Tools Lab workspace)

    Verify that your hardware is displayed

    Ensure that your device configuration is loaded

    Press Work Offline

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    2) Nemo-Outdoor will open

    The hardware in your device configuration will be listed Your hardware will be off-line (i.e. not started) indicated by a red indicator

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    Note: Scripts are pre-defined by at&t and thus should only be changed to reflect the specific market/network settings, etc.

    Check UE1 Settings (HTC):

    Click on the device settings button of UE1 (Red exclamation point)

    Select Script Properties

    Ensure that the correct script is loaded for the test

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    Note that PCTEL scanners have a known problem that causes them to be non-responsive in various drive test tools (including Nemo-Outdoor)

    You will have to follow a specific sequence of events and rely on power-cycling thescanners

    A scanner is non-responsive when you cannot detect it in Nemo-Outdoor (note thatthe scanner may still be visible in Windows Device Manager)

    With Nemo-Outdoor open Power-cycle your scanners (i.e. physically disconnect theDC power cable)

    Unplug/Re-plug from the laptop (i.e. physically unplug the USB cable)

    Verify that the scanners are removed from Windows Device Manager and that theyre-appear after power-cycle and reconnecting to the USB ports

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    Frequency Scanning - PCTEL EX LTE Scanner

    After the scanner is connected and activated in Nemo Outdoor, open the Measurement

    Properties dialog by selecting Measurement | | General Properties. By clicking the

    Advanced button on the General page, you will access the Advanced Properties dialog. Hereyou can enable and disable the integrated GPS receiver. This means you will not need anexternal GPS receiver in order to collect position data.

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    NEMO-OUTDOOR: WORK ON-LINE Click on the button to enable Online Mode (i.e. start the devices)

    Device status indicator should be flashing green

    Device state should be: Device is started

    Flashing green indicates

    device is started.

    Button to start the device

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    Ensure that your GPS is working in Nemo Outdoor

    Refer to the GPS Information screen to ensure that you are receiving adequate GPS data

  • 7/31/2019 Nemo Presentation


    To record data

    Press the Start/Stop Scripts button to start the scripts & to start recording data

    Press the Start Recording button if you want to start recording without executing the scripts

    Collected data is stored in the default folder: C:\Nemo Tools\Results

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    To record data

    Devices are numbered by Nemo Outdoor and use this number to identifythe device within Nemo Outdoor (i.e. throughout multiple views or in the

    naming of the collected drive test files)

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    Nemo Outdoor is set up with multiple tabs/Groups

    Click on a tab/Group to view the content displayed in real time You can also access the various tabs/Groups by clicking on View View

    Groups Select the tab/Group that you wish to view

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    Tabs/Views Contd..

    You can add your own tab/Groups by right-clicking in the Group bar and selecting

    Create New

    You can add/create additional views If the existing views do not display the data that you are trying to see in real-time,

    simply open a new view by clicking on the parameters tab in the right-hand side.

    This reveals the hidden Parameters menu. You can drill down in the sub-menus to find your specific measurement or you can

    type your desired measurement in the search box to filter accordingly

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    Tabs/Views Contd..

    You can add your own tab/Groups by right-clicking in the Group bar and selecting

    Create New