Block Printing Basics

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Block printing is a technique in printmaking in which an image is carved into the surface of a block. Typically the block material is rubber, wood, or linoleum. This powerpoint will go over the basics of creating block prints which include selecting the tools and materials, cutting the block, inking, and printing. We will briefly explore relief prints (images displaying the use of positive / negative space) for inspiration.

Text of Block Printing Basics

  • 1. BlockPrinting BasicsJenn Noinaj 06.16.2012

2. About Me 3. Agenda Background Examples / Relief Prints Tools Print Design Cutting Inking Printing Lets try it! 4. Printmaking 5. Rubber 6. Woodcut 7. LINOCUT 8. The Great Wave off Kanagawa () by Hokusai 9. Picasso 10. Matisse 11. Relief Prints 12. Examples 13. Tools 14. PrintDesign 15. Carving 16. COLOR 17. Inking 18. Printing 19. Greeting Cards 20. Fabrics 21. send2jenn@gmail.comQuestions?