Lionel Messi Leadership Speech

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What is an Effective Leader..Lionel Messi

Text of Lionel Messi Leadership Speech

  • What is an effectiveleader? Someone that shows: Leadership skills Perseverance Commitment Integrity Intelligence Someone that is always helping others Someone who is always doing the right things
  • BIOGRAPHY: He was born in Rosario, Argentina He is only 24 years old He plays for FC Barcelona Argentinean National Soccer team He is one of the best players He had made around 260 goals
  • What makes him an effectiveleader? Leadership Skills: The team can always count on him He is the voice of the team He is always encouraging his team He knows how to lift their spirits He takes good direction from the head coach
  • PERSEVERANCE: At the age of 8 He was diagnosed with a Growth Hormone Deficiency At the age of 11- He tried out for the River Plate At the age of 13- He made it into the FC Barcelona At the age of 17 He became the youngest player to play for a major league He became the youngest player to score in a league game.
  • Commitment: He has fought his way to the top He is always giving his best He is always training He is always trying to achieve and show greatness When he is playing with the Argentinean colors, he becomes the best he can be
  • COOPERATIVE: Messi was announced as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF In2007 Messi established LeoMessi Foundation
  • Integrity: He is kind-hearted and always humble He doesnt act like a superstar He likes giving back to his community He is a true inspiration He has never been involved in a scandal
  • Intelligence: He is a very fast learner He is a very versatile player He knows how to confuse the other teams He is always helping the team out He is a genius