Stability in modern soccer

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  • Soccer is the most popular sport in the word, the huge participation improve that . The physical and

    technical abilities of the soccer players is unbelievable nowadays, the reason? Development of

    sports science! But at the same time we have many injuries, a percentage of their injuries is

    musculoskeletal and appearing in adults and in younger football players. The highest percentage

    appears in the lower extremities.

    Balance is simply the ability to maintain a line of gravity (technically a vertical line from center of

    gravity) within a base of support with minimal postural sway or collapse .Maintaining balance

    requires the coordination of three sensory systems: the ears, the joints and the eyes. Training

    balance can include activities such as standing on one leg with the eyes open or closed, passing a

    ball while balanced on one leg(Static balance), or even using balance pillows or balance boards on

    which you can stand(Dynamic balance)

    For the football player , the balance or postural stability is an important element in athletic

    performance , good balance give to the player more confidence in the field-makes him feel more

    sure in the field .Many specific balance exercises and corresponding functional tests is for recovery

    after an injury( especially ligamentous injury) but is also for injury prevention ,can be used during

    recovery from sprints(at the end of the training , runs or as a warmup or cool-down for practice or


  • The Balance capability can significantly improve and better prepare members to cope with difficult

    conditions ( races - training ) , So to achieve the correct proprioceptive response must anatomical

    elements involved in the movements and balance of human body to operate under harsh and

    extreme working angles .

    The intervention program must include exercises that combine the practice of balance and the

    skills of soccer. The aim of this approach is to make it more interesting for the players.

    The execution of balance exercises should be performed with progressiveness in terms of

    difficulty. For the best performing balance exercises to use specialized equipment recommended

    as balance boards

    It is very important the equipment to be used for our exercises are SAFE, with this situation we

    prevent an injury, always remember first thing is our safety