Technical aspects

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Art History: technical aspects used in evaluating art including lines, shadow, depth, linear perspective, shape, mass

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  • 1. There are several types of line: Straight Curved Zigzag Spiral Expressive geometric

2. Orthogonals-vertical line in a one point linear perspective transversals- horizontal lines in a one point linear perrspective 3. Two vanishing points and one horizon 4. Think Geometry! 5. Shape is two dimensional Mass is three dimensional 6. Simply put, the artist may create negative space by using white in drawings or paintings: 7. Tenebrism-use of dark shadow and light to highlight the subjects in a painting 8. Texture is created by wide thick brush strokes like Impressionistic painters Texture is also created by the feel of a piece of art-depth, medium, quality, consistency 9. The absence of color can create a three dimensional effect: